Blessa and Letters To Fiesta on this weeks shows..

Aye, I know. No post last week? *slaps hands* its all got a bit mental on the journey upto Gateshead and time just ran away from me. I’m a busy girl yeah? I’ve been voiceovering, writing and sorting some amazing musical trips out.. More news in the foreseeable..

If you have dropped me music or an email i’m massively behind but catching up, so i’ll get my ears around it soon, i promise!  <– STANDARD

Last week I tinkered with the website to update the information on there, so if you are going to email me or send me music, have a read of THIS first.

In case you missed it!: I’ve been a long time fan of The 405 and I’m excited to say that my first column for The 405 launched just a couple of weeks ago! I’ll be writing regularly about whats rocking my live world, where music is taking me in the world and the earworms that just won’t vacate my head! You can read the debut outing of the ‘Exploratorium’ HERE. Edition 2 is already written and ready to drop any moment now!

I have joined the Fresh On The Net team as of this week! You can read my first attempt at the Fresh Faves HERE

03/07/13 Bolton Fm 10pm 
On the show tonight Letters To Fiesta in conversation, one of Manchesters brightest hopes returned to the live scene recently in spectacular fashion and join me to talk about their new line up, the changing music face of Manchester and much more! Also this weeks Record Of The Week is the delightful brooding sound of ‘Wait To Pleasure’ from No Joy, a gorgeous Mexican Summer release that i’ve been entranced with for weeks now..So grab yourself a brew, and cosy up to 96.5fm or listen online at or via our free app to wrap your ears around some of the freshest tunes of my week..

05/07/13 Amazing Radio 1-3pm 
It’s nearly time for Tramlines 2013, a festival close to my heart. Whats not to love? A couple of days in Sheffield, the hometown of my first boyfriend *cringe* thankfully it was years ago and I doubt he’d even recognise me in the street now. But Sheffield remains close to my heart, there is  a northern charm about the city, a friendliness in the people and the bands and artists are some of the loveliest you will meet.. just think: Hey Sholay, The Crookes, Richard Hawley etc etc.

Despite lazing at the main stage getting sunburnt and getting travel sickness watching Mark Morriss play an acoustic set on a bus as it toured the hills of Sheffield, my biggest discovery came in a small boozer where a band i’ve never heard of took to the stage. They were called Blessa and had only played a couple of shows previously. The last year has seen them come on in leaps and bounds and Simon Raymonde was so impressed with them that he had them in for a session on Amazing Radio. Recently I got to catch up with them to find out the latest..

Vonpip joins us again on the tipping post and guess what? Its a strong female vocal, he’s such a ladies man eh?
On the bandstand this week Dark Horses‘ Lisa Elle lovingly describes a fresh act that she’s been impressed with..

It’s all to play for between 1-3pm on amazing radio. or via our free iphone/android apps or on DAB in Dublin, London and the South East.

19/06/13 Bolton FM 
26/06/13 Bolton FM 
21/06/13 Amazing Radio 
28/06/13 Amazing Radio 

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