Ones To Watch in 2020

It’s that time again! I’ve worked pretty much 36 days in a row excepting a couple of full on family days! Started my 2020 on a beach in Formby feasting my eyes on this sight, which just set the year off perfectly!


In usual Shell style it wouldn’t be right if i didn’t put some Ones To Watch lists together! I’ve put not one, not two, but THREE lists together again this year!

I like to see the first list as my definitive artists that I think will blow up from a worldwide perspective, then there are two more focussed emerging lists for Manchester and West Yorkshire too, areas that i spend a LOT of time in and working on, the artists from these areas may be far less advanced but i love to shine a light on raw talent!

Sooo my definitive ones to watch for 2020 are:

PVA – Black Country New Road – Celeste – Yungblud – Porij – Beabadoobee – Joesef – Havelock – Jelani Blackman – Dry Cleaning – Sinead O’Brien – Talk Show – Working Men’s Club – Grimm Twins – The Goa Express – Public Practice – K S R – Alex Teleko  ( Alex doesn’t have any music online yet!) – The Lathums – Inhaler – APRE – Corridor – Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes – Nancy – Tungz – Do Nothing – VC Pines – Jordan Rakei – Blanketman – Easy Life

My show on Amazing Radio this week features almost all of these artists and i’ll be telling you WHY they are on my list! But there’s a spotify playlist too:

In terms of new hype for Manchester:

Porij – Tunde – Mastermind –  Phoebe Green – Meekz –  Document – Paige Kennedy – Julia Bardo – Blanketman – Posh Chocolates – K S R – Slap Rash – Auguste – Chloe Foy – Mealtime – Faux Pas – The Lathums – Hi Sienna  – Big Society – The Elephant Trees – See Thru Hands – Diving Station – Layfullstop – Callow Youth – Fourth Man – Lady Ice – Ist Ist – Prima – Saytr Play – Akemi Fox – Corella – Grotbags

Playlist right here:

West Yorkshire hype:

Barney Lister – Skinny Living – Harkin – The Goa Express – Graft – Mya Craig – Mush – Sea Legs – Felt – Holodrum – Goldfishes – Household Dogs – Fran Minney – The Golden Age Of TV – Roxy Girls – Van Houten –  Party Hardly – Shake Your Halo Down – Leo Cosmos – Link Lewis – Dilettante – Flawes – In The Morning Lights – Tetes De Pois – Newmaj – Ruthie –  Musumba – Gotts Street Park – LD Moses – Rodeo

Playlist right here:


EDIT: I also should have shouted about previous years lists, there may be some repeats but generally i try to shout about new talent! Check out my 2019 lists for General, Manchester and West Yorkshire  and also my lists for 2018 , 2017 and 2016 too!


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