Caitlin Rose and Theme Park on this weeks shows..

After spending the week a little out of sorts next week, the visual isn’t pretty i swear! I’m back in action this week on Bolton FM tonight from 10pm live or you can listen back to the repeat of my Amazing Radio show from last week at 8pm.

If you have dropped me music or an email i’m massively behind but catching up, so i’ll get my ears around it soon, i promise!

This week I’ve been tinkering with the website to update the information on there, so if you are going to email me or send me music, have a read of THIS first.

In case you missed it!: I’ve been a long time fan of The 405 and I’m excited to say that my first column for The 405 launched just a couple of weeks ago! I’ll be writing regularly about whats rocking my live world, where music is taking me in the world and the earworms that just won’t vacate my head! You can read the debut outing of the ‘Exploratorium’ HERE

19/06/13 Bolton Fm 10pm 

On the show tonight, Caitlin Rose in conversation and the Record Of The Week from
Brooklyn’s Parquet Courts, It’s called ‘Light Up Gold’ and i shimmied to it endlessly at
Primavera recently. Wrap your ears around some of the freshest tunes passing through my
consciousness between 10pm and midnight on Bolton Fm tonight by tuning in on 96.5fm or
listen online at or via the Bolton FM app which you can download for free..
21/06/13 Amazing Radio 1-3pm 
On the show this week, Theme Park join me for a chat about their debut album, working with
Luke Smith and Ed from Friendly Fires and more! Nashville’s Caitlin Rose is on the bandstand
giving kudos to some country artists and tipping this week? Vonpip comes out with a right
With new sounds from Avec Sans, Temple Songs, Astral Pattern, F.U.R.S, Moko and more on this
weeks show, you’d be mental to miss it..

It’s all to play for between 1-3pm on amazing radio. or via our

free iphone/android apps or on DAB in Dublin, London and the South East.


14/06/13 Amazing Radio
Melody’s Echo Chamber Interviewed :: The History Of Apple Pie on the bandstand :: Joe Sparrow Tips :: NEW MUSIC A-GO-GO
05/06/13 Bolton FM
In conversation: City Reign. ROTW: Bleached

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