West Yorkshire Ones To Watch 2019

west yorkshire.jpg

Last month I joined BBC Music Introducing in West Yorkshire as the new show producer and as such it seems wasteful not to share some of the incredible sounds emanating from the heart of the north! We put a show together at the weekend and there were unfortunately too many to fit in  so i’ve put a list together for you to check out below! You can find a spotify list right here too! Or the best bet is to listen to Alan talk us through them on the BBC Sounds app here

  • Treeboy & Arc 
  • Flo Taylor 
  • Jordan Higo 
  • Mush  
  • Marsicans 
  • Tallsaint 
  • Dave-O 
  • Far Caspian 
  • GDNS 
  • Catila 
  • Yungblud 
  • Talkboy 
  • Fltchr 
  • Peakes
  • Tranqua Lite
  • Dead Naked Hippies 
  • Bianca Gerald 
  • Knitting Grooves
  • Allusinlove 
  • Pablo’s Paintings 
  • Team Picture 
  • Mamilah 
  • Drahla 
  • Polo 
  • Wuzi 
  • Fizzy Blood 
  • Glass Caves 
  • Ollie Walter 
  • Heir 
  • Fudge 
  • Victors
  • Polevaulter 
  • Nala 
  • Will Killen 
  • Necktr 
  • Caro



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