Ones To Watch in 2020

It’s that time again! I’ve worked pretty much 36 days in a row excepting a couple of full on family days! Started my 2020 on a beach in Formby feasting my eyes on this sight, which just set the year off perfectly!


In usual Shell style it wouldn’t be right if i didn’t put some Ones To Watch lists together! I’ve put not one, not two, but THREE lists together again this year!

I like to see the first list as my definitive artists that I think will blow up from a worldwide perspective, then there are two more focussed emerging lists for Manchester and West Yorkshire too, areas that i spend a LOT of time in and working on, the artists from these areas may be far less advanced but i love to shine a light on raw talent!

Sooo my definitive ones to watch for 2020 are:

PVA – Black Country New Road – Celeste – Yungblud – Porij – Beabadoobee – Joesef – Havelock – Jelani Blackman – Dry Cleaning – Sinead O’Brien – Talk Show – Working Men’s Club – Grimm Twins – The Goa Express – Public Practice – K S R – Alex Teleko  ( Alex doesn’t have any music online yet!) – The Lathums – Inhaler – APRE – Corridor – Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes – Nancy – Tungz – Do Nothing – VC Pines – Jordan Rakei – Blanketman – Easy Life

My show on Amazing Radio this week features almost all of these artists and i’ll be telling you WHY they are on my list! But there’s a spotify playlist too:

In terms of new hype for Manchester:

Porij – Tunde – Mastermind –  Phoebe Green – Meekz –  Document – Paige Kennedy – Julia Bardo – Blanketman – Posh Chocolates – K S R – Slap Rash – Auguste – Chloe Foy – Mealtime – Faux Pas – The Lathums – Hi Sienna  – Big Society – The Elephant Trees – See Thru Hands – Diving Station – Layfullstop – Callow Youth – Fourth Man – Lady Ice – Ist Ist – Prima – Saytr Play – Akemi Fox – Corella – Grotbags

Playlist right here:

West Yorkshire hype:

Barney Lister – Skinny Living – Harkin – The Goa Express – Graft – Mya Craig – Mush – Sea Legs – Felt – Holodrum – Goldfishes – Household Dogs – Fran Minney – The Golden Age Of TV – Roxy Girls – Van Houten –  Party Hardly – Shake Your Halo Down – Leo Cosmos – Link Lewis – Dilettante – Flawes – In The Morning Lights – Tetes De Pois – Newmaj – Ruthie –  Musumba – Gotts Street Park – LD Moses – Rodeo

Playlist right here:


EDIT: I also should have shouted about previous years lists, there may be some repeats but generally i try to shout about new talent! Check out my 2019 lists for General, Manchester and West Yorkshire  and also my lists for 2018 , 2017 and 2016 too!


Fave albums of 2019

A new year, a new DECADE! So the perfect time to drop my list of fave artists, albums, EP’s and singles of 2019!
As ever music continues to inspire me and building friendships and trust with artists is so so important to me and i’m happy to support and champion any way that i can, promoting gigs, through interviews, hosting, artist development and of course through radio promotion. My grass roots knowledge of the music industry in the north of england continues to go from strength to strength demonstrated by my on air support of artists on Amazing Radio, XS Manchester and BBC Introducing in Manchester and West Yorkshire and my knowledge of the Merseyside Music Scene has been strengthened by my work with Mersey Rail Sound Station over the past year!
My fave single of the year was from a band who i was literally waiting to drop a song a year ago! Working Men’s Club have absolutely smashed it in 2019, i was fortunate to be able to catch up with Syd and the gang at both Sounds From The Other City Festival for Show Stream in May and again on BBC Leeds for BBC Introducing West Yorkshire just last week.. Teeth was my stand out single of the year and was ESSENTIAL in any DJ set. Raw music from the Calder Valley, invoking relentless spirit and energy but also retaining the industrial edge of the north. The album is due early summer on Heavenly Recordings and I can’t WAIT to hear it!
My favourite EP of the year also came from West Yorkshire and from a band that i can’t wait to see smash 2020! Far Caspian have been taking their first tentative steps touring europe of late and will be heading to SXSW in March! The Heights was a total triumph of lo-fi dream pop goodness , Conversations and These Times are definitely responsible for the genre ‘Leeds Indie’ appearing in my spotify wrapped! I got to interview them earlier this year for Amazing Radio and it was a pure delight!
An array of incredible albums in my faves list this year which you can take a listen to on spotify here including the following (in no specific order):
Sam Fender –  Hypersonic Missiles
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – And Now For The Whatchamacallit
Foals – Everything Not Saved Will be Lost Part 1
Francis Lung – A Dream Is U
Stella Donelly – Beware Of The Dogs
Self Esteem – Compliments Please
LIFE – A Picture Of Good Health
Sundara Karma – Ulfilas’ Alphabet
Pottery – No 1
Pip Blom – Boat
Girl Ray – Girl
Crushed Beaks – The Other Room
The Murder Capital – When I Have Fears
Sacred Paws – Run Around The Sun
Sharon Van Etten – Remind Me Tomorrow
Fontaines DC – Dogrel
DIIV – Deceiver
Marika Hackman – Any Human Friend
Lizzo – Cuz I Love You
The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
Khruangbin – Hasta El Cielo
Billie Eillish – When Do We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
Little Simz – GREY area
My Favourite album of the year though? W.H.Lung – Incidental Music.
From it’s first motorik drum tones i was completely obsessed! Hypnotic synths, futuristic soundscapes and psychedelic tones that build and build into PURE euphoria. The live show is mesmerising and my chat with Joe and Tom earlier last year for Amazing Radio just solidified things for me, a class act!
Having been on the PRS judging panel for their recent momentum fund application I was proud to be able to share with the other judges just how monumental their music is. So hyped to hear what their PRS supported second album will sound like! Ps YES they’re named after that chinese supermarket in Manchester! ❤

2019 what a year in radio and music!


What a year in music! I say that every year right?!

It’s been a busy one for me. I’ve continued to present on Amazing Radio, it will be 8 years on Amazing Radio next march, and i’ve enjoyed every second! Our tips for 2020 are completely on it and you can take a look at them here!

My first full year on XS Manchester has been dreamy, it’s been a pleasure to be part of the team that live and breathe Manchester and Music.

I’ve had so many great radio experiences this year including my first stints presenting on BBC Radio 6 Music covering the BBC Introducing Mixtape for Tom Robinson, presenting the BBC Radio Manchester evening show and i’ve also had the pleasure of presenting  BBC Introducing in Manchester and BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire!

I’ve produced radio shows for the BBC at Radio Leeds, Bluedot Festival, Wakefield Long Division and also simulcasts from Leeds Festival and for BBC Introducing Live from Tobacco Dock!  I’ve also featured as a guest on TalkRADIO, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Stoke and more!

My #freevibes nights with Band On The Wall have gone from strength to strength showcasing the best new music and artists from the north, great to see the likes of the Goa Express, Grimm Twins, Ellysse Mason and more absolutely smashing it! Lot’s more to come in 2020!

So many fun memories this year including hosting stages, djing, working on artist development programmes and i’ve adored lecturing this year!

Notable highlights have been speaking on a panel at Monkey Week in Seville and checking out some fresh spanish musical talent, hosting panels at BBC Introducing Live that were absolutely rammed! Interviewing Sundara Karma at Off The Record Festival, Interviewing Dave Rowntree at Soundcity Festival and also hosting the stages at Leeds Festival and Bluedot! Have also loved  assessing PRS Momentum Fund applications and Music:Leeds applications too, so great to get an insight into what artists need to do to secure funding and support in the music industry!

2020 is a new year and a new decade, who knows what the future holds, but my passion and adoration for the radio industry, the music industry and artists in general continues!, but theres always a special place in my heart for artists across the north as always!

Wishing you all the best for the new year and the new decade!


Greater Manchester Ones To Watch 2019


I love Manchester and adore that music connects everything together here! I’ve been working in music and radio in Manchester for a decade and showcase these artists on the radio on Amazing Radio and XS Manchester as well as interviewing them for brands and at events. I’m also working behind the scenes at BBC Introducing in Manchester.

I’m constantly in awe of the talents of Manchester’s musical community and I’m incredibly inspired by them always. Some of my faves that i’d recommend checking out are as follows:

(There is a spotify playlist with most of the artists on right here)

  • Dear Caroline
  • Aitch
  • The Goa Express
  • Lindsay Munroe
  • Iora
  • Abbie Ozard
  • The C33s
  • Tonica
  • New Luna
  • MDP
  • Velvet Shakes
  • Elysse Mason
  • Secs
  • Darcie
  • Just Banco
  • Pearl City
  • Tobi Sunmola
  • Barratt
  • Jordan Max
  • Jordan Allen
  • James Holt
  • Afghan Sand Gang
  • Fuzzy Sun
  • KSR
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Witch Fever
  • Babalola JR
  • Caoilfhionn Rose
  • Hayes & Y
  • Patrick
  • See Thru Hands
  • Lady Ice
  • Izzie Walsh
  • Saytr Play
  • Sly Antics
  • No Hot Ashes
  • Cassia
  • Larkins
  • The Lottery Winners
  • False Advertising
  • Kashmere
  • Lungs
  • Gorgeous Bully
  • Proletariat
  • Floral Scene
  • Kula Bay
  • Giant Boys
  • Laura White
  • Granfalloon
  • Deja Vega
  • China Lane
  • Ryan Jarvis
  • Dantevilles
  • Anamelia
  • Working Men’s Club
  • Corella
  • Prima
  • Nadette
  • The Godlike Highs
  • Two4Kay

West Yorkshire Ones To Watch 2019

west yorkshire.jpg

Last month I joined BBC Music Introducing in West Yorkshire as the new show producer and as such it seems wasteful not to share some of the incredible sounds emanating from the heart of the north! We put a show together at the weekend and there were unfortunately too many to fit in  so i’ve put a list together for you to check out below! You can find a spotify list right here too! Or the best bet is to listen to Alan talk us through them on the BBC Sounds app here

  • Treeboy & Arc 
  • Flo Taylor 
  • Jordan Higo 
  • Mush  
  • Marsicans 
  • Tallsaint 
  • Dave-O 
  • Far Caspian 
  • GDNS 
  • Catila 
  • Yungblud 
  • Talkboy 
  • Fltchr 
  • Peakes
  • Tranqua Lite
  • Dead Naked Hippies 
  • Bianca Gerald 
  • Knitting Grooves
  • Allusinlove 
  • Pablo’s Paintings 
  • Team Picture 
  • Mamilah 
  • Drahla 
  • Polo 
  • Wuzi 
  • Fizzy Blood 
  • Glass Caves 
  • Ollie Walter 
  • Heir 
  • Fudge 
  • Victors
  • Polevaulter 
  • Nala 
  • Will Killen 
  • Necktr 
  • Caro


Tips for 2019


HIIII it’s the 6th of January, i’m sat in a coffee shop in the NQ of Manchester with a jasmine green tea trying to detox my soul! 🙄😝

I’ve been meaning to grab a minute to write this blog for three weeks now, but family stuff and a third nightmarish christmas with a close relative in hospital in a row has meant there wasn’t any time to rest and take stock of anything. The radio programmes came first and they’re all out there now!  So I thought i’d take a mo to make this stuff all official and add a few others in that i wanted to cover who I couldn’t get uploaded in time due to other constraints!

There is always a northern bias to my tips, I’m currently residing in Manchester but working heavily across the North of England between Newcastle and Liverpool with a focus on Manchester and West Yorkshire. I’ll be doing more specific ones to watch blog features on those areas in the coming days! If you want to know whats happening keep an eye on this page!

Hear me talk about them on Amazing Radio here or catch the spotify playlist here

  • Sam Fender
  • Yonaka
  • Calva Louise
  • Rascalton
  • Indoor Pets
  • Sports Team
  • Ten Tonnes
  • The Ninth Wave
  • Treeboy & Arc
  • Fontaines D.C.
  • Squid
  • The Mysterines
  • Jade Bird
  • No Hot Ashes
  • Cassia
  • Pizzagirl
  • Wooze
  • Yuno
  • Sorry
  • Self Esteem
  • Stereo Honey
  • Another Sky
  • Far Caspian
  • Castorp
  • Darcie
  • IORA
  • Abbie Ozard
  • Tallsaint
  • Low Island
  • Grace Carter
  • Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
  • MDP
  • Aitch

Fave albums of 2018..

HI! Dear blog readers,

My posts are appearing to be more erratic, work and life is getting in the way i guess, but i promise to do better in 2019! My Tumblr is the go to for instant hits!

So what have I been doing in 2018?! I’ve joined XS Manchester to present weekend breakfast, I’ve joined BBC Radio Leeds as Producer of BBC Introducing West Yorkshire curating the playlist and guests alongside the team there. I’ve also had a full year of co- curating nights with the awesome Band On The Wall, I’m going to put a playlist together of all the artists who have played the night so far right here so add the playlist and i’ll update it in the next few days!

I’ve also been lecturing, interviewing and doing loads of other exciting music industry work with the likes of Soundcity, Off The Record Festival, Showstream and more! More of that planned in 2019 *excited face*

So before I dive into Ones To Watch For 2019, I thought i’d best tell you about what i adored in 2018. The Brexit Anti-Austerity feeling is resonating with the music makers and young creatives in the UK and thats exceptionally acute in the north of England where we have experienced incredibly high levels of deprivation, homelessness and where public services are really under pressure. The music i’ve heard and loved in 2018 seems to resonate with that, three strands coming to the fore to my ears,

  1. ANGER – Punk, post-punk, rock – people are ANGRY and they want us to know it.
  2. FEEL GOOD – The antidote to anger, people need an escape, they want a party, to have a good time. They might also want to get loaded, but who can tell.
  3. AVANTE GARDE JAZZ – Jazz is back and we are opening our minds!

With all that in mind my fave albums of 2018 was  Shame – Songs Of Praise


I loved so many albums last year but this one I just kept coming back to.. I still remember seeing them live for the first time a few years ago with Charlie Ashcroft from Amazing Radio at a DICE all dayer at The Great Escape where Charlie likened their shambolic set to an Interns night out where they stripped off and broke a light. I got to interview them at OFF Festival in Poland last year and am yet to see another bass player with that much pogo.

It’s too hard to pick between the others but there are so many incredible ones that i’ve put a playlist together on spotify right here:

Here’s a list for those not on Spotify:

  • Christine And The Queens – Chris
  • Bodega – Endless Scroll
  • The Blinders – Columbia
  • Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Hope Downs
  • The Orielles – Silver Dollar Moment
  • TVAM – Psychic Data
  • Snail Mail – Lush
  • Boy Azooga – 1,2, Kung Fu!
  • Slow Readers Club – Build A Tower
  • Anderson Paak – Oxnard
  • Amyl & The Sniffers -Big Attraction & Giddy Up
  • Black Honey – Black Honey
  • Goat Girl – Goat Girl
  • Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises
  • BC Camplight – Deportation Blues
  • Tom Grennan  – Lighting Matches
  • Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino
  • Gaz Coombes – Worlds Strongest Man
  • Jungle  – For Ever
  • Parquet Courts – Wide Awake!
  • Idles – Joy As An Act Of Resistance
  • Olden Yolk – Olden Yolk
  • Children Of Zeus – Travel Light
  • Sunflower Bean – Twenty Two In Blue

For an additional bonus and a tease to my Tips for 2019, my EP of the year was by Sam Fender and is his Dead Boys EP. Big things await in 2019 for this talented guy!

Tips for 2018

Hey readers!

It’s been a while, well life has got in the way, due to a number of reasons i’ve been working six days a week and commuting to Yorkshire so a lack of time / internet have got in the way of these posts but i promise i’ll try and be better in 2018!

Sooo the reason for this post is to lay down my tips for 2018! The trouble with being a new music journalist is you want to shout an artists name from the rooftops as soon as you discover them! Invariably the music industry can take up to three years or longer to break an artist, so i’m looking back at last years tips list and thinking yep, that still stands! An artist may have signed to a label and recorded an album in the last year that is now ready to release early 2018!

So without any further ado, eh voila, my tips for 2018:

  • Sigrid
  • Tom Grennan
  • Pale Waves
  • Black Honey
  • Dream Wife
  • Her’s
  • False Advertising
  • Flint Eastwood
  • Liss
  • Trudy & The Romance
  • The Orielles
  • Low Island
  • Confidence Man
  • Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes

You can have a listen to all of them via my snazzy spotify link here.



Liverpool Psychfest on this weeks show!

Amazing Radio

This weeks show was all about Liverpool Psychfest which was an epic sight to behold! Craig
Pennington joined me for a catch up about this years event!


Koalas on the bandstand too and a wonderful #shellshock from Mike Watson!

New Muzaks from:

Songhoy Blues - Omni - Dirty Fences - The KVB - FUSS - Novella - W.H. Lung - Is Bliss - Yassassin - Weirds - Autobahn - The Proper Ornaments - CaStLeS - Jane Weaver - Elephant Stone - Wolf People - The Black Angels - The Comet Is Coming - Meatraffle - Tender - Rostam - Witch Fever - Psycho Comedy - Sugarmen - RINSE - RYD - Novo Amor & Ed Tullett - Mike Watson

From 7pm on Amazing Radio every thursday, repeated fridays at noon!

DAB In Dublin, online or via the free app!


14/09/17 Amazing Radio 

Koalas Interviewed :: TVME Bandstand::


07/09/17 Amazing Radio 

H A N O V E R Interviewed :: St Jude The Obscure Bandstand ::


31/08/17 Amazing Radio 

TVME Interviewed :: Ryley Walker Bandstand ::


Festival D’ete De Quebec and Indietracks on this weeks show!

Amazing Radio

On todays show I’ll be talking about the wonderful Festival D’ete De Quebec where Metallica, Gorillaz and The Who headlined last week alongside some fresh and exciting Canadian artists like Mauves, Glorious Sons, Andy Shauf and Adam Sandler. I’ll also be chatting to Natalie from Indietracks about the festival as well as spinning some of the artists playing at the festival this weekend!


Affairs on the bandstand too!

New Muzaks from:

Childish Gambino - Alvvays - Real Estate - Chest Pains - Gorgeous Bully - SOFIAHH - Cabbage - Andy Shauf - Adam Strangler - Mise En Scene - Little Barrie - The Goa Express - Heaters - Low Island - Simian Ghost - Man Duo - Verandan - Crumbs - Cowtown - Shopping - The Hayman Kupa Band - Gold Class  - TV ME - Koalas -  Flyte - Ghosts Of Social Networks - The Attic Sleepers - Patience -

From 7pm on Amazing Radio every thursday, repeated fridays at noon!  DAB In Dublin, online or via the free app!


20/07/17 Amazing Radio 

Hannah Nicholson Interviewed :: China Lane Bandstand::



13/07/17 Amazing Radio 

Affairs Interviewed :: Lottery Winners Bandstand ::


06/07/17 Amazing Radio 

China Lane Interviewed :: Yoke Lore Bandstand ::