The future for radio?

6 Music shocker..

From a license payers perspective this weeks news about the potential axing of 6 Music has been a shock, I’m big on radio as you will probably already know.. so big i’ve got a DAB and a non DAB at home, access to DAB on my phone and the radio in the car..i’m pretty much surrounded .  I’m not really a tv person at all, I kinda watch it for ten minutes while I eat my dinner realise there is nothing with any substance on and so put the radio or my tunes back on.

I believe community radio has a big part to play and so split my time between the fantastic Salford City Radio and 6 Music, I love the specialist music shows on Salford City Radio and the local news and community shows, but I  get most of my musical fixes from 6 Music, I especially love the archives and the live sets from new bands.  I love playing the bands they play on my radio show, I sometimes play and interview them before 6 Music but we don’t yet have the resources for live sets on a community stations low income, so I adore hearing the results of these sets on 6 Music.  They offer a function that hardly anywhere else does, under the radar and independent acts get the airing they deserve to help them break into the music business.

The way I see it I’m too old for Radio 1 and too young for Radio 2, 6 Music fits me like a glove, so much that It’s something I aspire to, it’s intelligent, witty, grounded, unpredictable, classy and bang on the money.. What a slap in the face to find out that they wish to keep a channel like BBC3 over 6 Music, there really is no sense to this decision in my view. The listener numbers for 6 Music are never going to be at Radio 1 levels, as this is a specialist music station thats only available on digital.  If the BBC were to take the next step and give the station a frequency  I’m sure these levels would be very different…

So for my sake, the sake of the bands that got their first break on 6 Music and the station itself, sign the petition, join the facebook group to Save 6 Music and lobby the BBC with a complaint, I was one of the first 100 to sign the petition and have registered a complaint with the BBC.  More details of action you can take and the link to the petition are found at:

Support New Music…Keep BBC 6 Music

In other news I wish I was feeling fine like El Goodo, I’m totally bunged up lying here trying to write some LP reviews.. i’m not supposed to be playing these but I can’t help it….

Shameless self promotion but thursdays show is up for listen again, I was joined on the show by Sune from the Raveonettes, you can listen again here:

Oh yes the Mackems are coming and I don’t just mean the amazing Field Music who I saw at Islington Mill on Friday! Detroit Social Clubs EP is out this week and its epic, buy it now, it’s well worth the investment and lead singer David joins me on this weeks show to talk about the debut album, kiss the sun, open heart surgery and posters?!.  Tune in on 94.4fm or at 9pm on Thursday to hear what he had to say, also joining me on this weeks show are Chew Lips, for information frontwoman Tigs doesn’t like cheap vodka or draughts.. this is their forthcoming single Karen, it rocks..

Save 6 Music, and save me… someone send me a lemsip!  xx

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