Pull out…

…your finger.

Yeah I know it’s been over a week blog…. i know i know… i’ve neglected you. But things have been tough in the real world ( In the words of Dolly Parton working 9-5) and ‘work hard, party hard’ has always been a moral of mine.. but look on the bright side that means loads of juicy stuff to write about in what is bound to be an epic blog! Forgiven?

Now what have I been upto? Well thursday I went to the Deaf Institute for the evening, where I was in good company alongside Guy Garvey and Liam Frost…  Jesca Hoop is someone I had heard a lot about from Piccadilly records own @Pastapaul as well as the sorely missed Pigeonpost (http://thepigeonpost.wordpress.com/)  Jesca was everything I had heard, yet so much more.  Adorable and funny, with the prettiest melodies and the sweetest voice I have heard in a long time.  Now then Manc provided a great gig review on the following link:  http://tinyurl.com/yh9qbc9

Jesca’s new album ‘Hunting my dress’ was released in November last year, and on the back of this gig, come payday I will be investing in it.. check out the video below to see why!

Jesca was supported by the super talented Jo Rose, one of the artists to contribute to the Love and Disaster 1 Ep which I invested in last month.  Jo was joined by Airship, Delphic, Everything  Everything and the Dutch Uncles on the Ep, If you haven’t invested DO.  On stage, Jo simply played with an acoustic guitar… yeah yeah, like so many you’ve heard before right? Well no, the guy is super talented, his raw emotion and soulful voice are just unbelievable.  Who needs a backing band? Kathryn Edwards joined him on stage for a stunning duet, and it was one of those moments where you know you’ve seen something special. I’m airing Jo’s track Last breath, California on this weeks radio show so don’t forget to tune in..

Thursday at 9pm on Salford City Radio 94.4fm or http://www.salfordcityradio.org

Talking of the radio, you can still listen to last weeks show where I had a phone chat with Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion on the following link:

My shows with Midlake, Twisted Wheel and Memory Tapes are also still available on: http://soundcloud.com/shellzenner

Friday consisted of a hangover, a Wetherspoons breakfast (who knew?!) and me dying on the sofa listening to the carpenters.. but I had to pull myself together as I was interviewing these guys..

Half of them grew up in San Diego and they’re now based in Los Angeles.. The Soft Pack.  If you like pure scuzzy rock ‘n’ roll then this is the album for YOU.  I interviewed all the guys which was illuminating and will air on the show in the near future, especially the bit about airbeds and slapping cats??.. one of them is a veggie don’t ya know.

The album is so good that I spent my last pennies investing in it! It’s called ‘The Soft Pack’ and was released this month. Yes Piers (The Boxer Rebellion) it’s a lazy self titled album but this does not detract from its brilliance..

They were so good live, that I travelled to Liverpool to see them again on Saturday night on Korova, the sound and venue weren’t a patch on the Ruby Lounge but they were still awesome!  Seriously a band not to be missed.

Last night I went to church.. I didn’t say a Hail Mary or a Lords Prayer and I drank an Irn Bru whilst in a pew.. what could be the meaning of this outrageous behaviour?  Well it seems the religious institution is de-rigeur for gigs.  Florence and her machine played this very venue last summer.. Grizzly Bear upgraded to gain a larger spiritual setting at Manchester Cathedral at the back end of last year which was amazing but freezing, even the iPhone said no.

The reason for yesterdays visit was for the band named number 4 in the BBC Sound of 2010 poll, Hurts.  Very little has been said about Hurts so far, they’re not even allowing interviews yet, yes I tried! Needless to say it was a very odd gig, but brilliant all the same with an opera singer providing backing vocals, sharp suits, a perspex synth, roses strewn along the pulpit and a crowd drinking out of cans and plastic cups.. All we needed was a special person turning water into wine..

For a taster check out the following..

On this weeks show I have Sune from the Raveonettes joining me, latest album ‘In and out of control’ was one of my top 2o albums of 2010  and Sune joins me to talk about being in a band with Sharin for a decade, going back to basics on the latest tour and why he made this video:

So don’t forget to tune in…

Thursday at 9pm on Salford City Radio 94.4fm or http://www.salfordcityradio.org

Ok so I promise to be a better blogger this week, expect some current listens coming up in the next few days..

S x

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