Beware! Beware! on this weeks show!

Hi guys, i’m out in the garden sitting on a deckchair so i guess summer has pretty much arrived, YEY! Festival season is here and i’m off to Brighton next week for the Great Escape festival and as such It will be a repeat of this week that airs on next weeks show!

14/05/16 Amazing Radio

A couple of weeks ago i decided to have a bank holiday Monday lounging around the Northern Quarter in Manchester doing one of my favourite things, catching up with new bands! If you caught last weeks show you would have heard me talk to Foxtales, this week I’m catching up with Beware! Beware!  They’re usually found hiding out in basements so i’m excited that i finally managed to coax them out for a catch up!



New music from:

Dua Lipa – Basheba – Xockha – AM – Trecco Beis – Beware! Beware! – Boys – Oscar – The Rivers – AFTERBLOOM – Weaves – Fake Laugh – Girl Sweat – Chrome Reverse – Hockey Dad – The Island Club – Estrons – Purson – LUNGS – Noah Noah – Field Studies – PAUW – Fou De Toi – Wooden Arms – She Makes War – Arctic Lake – Glaciers – Pumarosa

From 1pm on Amazing Radio.. DAB In Dublin, online or via the free app!


07/05/16 Amazing Radio

Foxtales Interviewed :: Stone Soup Arts Tip :: The Tapestry Bandstand


30/04/16 Amazing Radio

Riv from SFTOC Interviewed :: Vonpip Tip :: Live At Leeds Team Tip Megamix


23/04/16 Amazing Radio

The Tapestry Interviewed :: Dantevilles Bandstand :: Even The Stars Tips


16/04/16 Amazing Radio

Dantevilles Interviewed :: Meg Baird Bandstand :: Vonpip Tips


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