The Soft Pack and JD McPherson and this weeks show..

10/05/13 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

Hello! I’m backkkkkkkk. They let me out of Alcatraz! (you can literally hear this on todays show)  and i’m back in the UK after 2.5 weeks of musical adventure across the states. I’ve got stories,  new bands and i’ve got MUSIC for you brought back in my suitcase of sounds ready to share with you!

On the show today The Soft Pack in conversation about new album Strapped, signing to Mexican Summer and on the glamour of touring.. 😉

Groover JD McPherson shares a musical nugget with us and our tipster this week, John Freeman tips a band who’s album I brought back from the US with me.. on the same page or what?!

There are also new musical slices of Jagwar Ma, These New Puritans, Zomes, The Pe∆rls, The Mantles, Harts and even a new north west band covering another new north west band?!?!

It’s all to play for between 1-3pm on amazing radio. or via our free iphone/android apps or from next week we are back on DAB in London and the South East, closely followed by Dublin, so you can tune in via DAB Radio in those areas. SO HAPPY to be able to say that!

With a stack of class new music as always, there is no better place to rest your ears every friday between 1-3pm and repeated every wednesday between 8 and 10pm



03/05/13 Amazing Radio
Findlay Interviewed :: Egyptian Hip Hop on the bandstand ::Vonpip Tips :: NEW MUSIC A-GO-GO


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