The Prodigal returns.. The Sundowners on this weeks show..

I know, I know. The prodigal returns. I haven’t written since the 10th of May and I’ve been globetrotting with a few stolen days at work since trying to keep on top of everything. I’ve been consistently on air, but of course you probably know that already!From the warehouse parties of Brooklyn to the Psychdelic Ranch of Austin, theres not been a dull moment. Radio and DJ’ing skills were thrown down in Brighton and Barcelona taught me a thing or two about layering tights. But NO FEAR I’m back and i’ve a bag of tricks to share with you..

News soon on a couple of new projects that i’m involved in which are pretty interesting.. But also I’m back on the wonderful Bolton FM, after deciding two hours a week simply wasn’t enough to share the content i’m sent, the wonderful team at Bolton have let me return to the comfy studio chair to enlighten ears between 10pm and midnight every wednesday night so make sure you tune in on 96.5fm or, theres even a dedicated app or tunein radio too!

No fear though Fridays on amazing will continue as usual with a repeat airing between 8-10pm on a wednesday. Yes for a double hit you can get 4 hours of solid Shell. Crikey, even my mum can’t cope with that!

31/05/13 Amazing Radio 1-3pmI’m feeling a little sniffly today, is it hayfever or an air conditioning induced cold? Who knows?! I’m going to struggle on regardless, dropping a mix of aces new music as always though so don’t fret!

On the show today The Sundowners in conversation. There are two Skelly’s in the band and they rehearse in the ‘Coral Cave’ which will give you an indication of their grounding. But if you’re a fan of Haim, or excited by The Byrds, Tom Petty or Fleetwood Mac, then you should definitely make sure you check out the interview.

Local lads City Reign shares a north west musical recommendation with us and our tipster this week, John Freeman tips a young chap from the north west who has set the t’internets alight in the last couple of weeks..

It’s all to play for between 1-3pm on amazing radio. or via our free iphone/android apps or on DAB in London and the South East.

With a stack of class new music as always, there is no better place to rest your ears every friday between 1-3pm and repeated every wednesday between 8 and 10pm


24/05/13 Amazing Radio
The History Of Apple Pie Interviewed :: The Soft Pack on the bandstand ::Vonpip Tips :: NEW MUSIC A-GO-GO

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