Today I reveal live on the show, my top 30 albums of 2012..


I just want to say thank you to everyone that has read my blogs this year or listened to my shows and podcasts. I’m honoured that you wish to share your ears and eyes with me as always. Hoping you had a christmas full of love and fun!

LISTS LISTS LISTS continue! I’ll be revealing my very own albums of the year and announcing my favourite album of the year live on the show TODAY! I’ll be counting down my top 30 albums of 2012 and playing some choice cuts from the albums to boot! I’ll also be interviewing the artist behind my favourite album of 2012 on the show, want to know what it is? from 1pm December 28th!

Next week i’ll be taking a look at the new artists coming through in 2013 and posting a list of new bands for you to keep an ear out for in conjunction with this!  But as ever on the ball, amazing radio have launched their own Tips For 2013 list which is pretty massive! Well worth checking out..

2012 saw me contribute to a second list, The BBC Sound of 2013 Poll which was announced recently. Two of my three choices made the long list which you can find more details of here. I’m absolutely made up to have been involved and wish the artists the best of luck in making the short list which will be announced early in the new year.

My amazing radio show now has a repeat, wednesday nights from 8-10pm which is handy for those that are at work in the daytime on a friday who can’t get to hear the show. Don’t forget the live rewind function on the website works upto 9 hours after the show too and that my amazing homepage houses my last few shows..

28/12/12 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

I could tell you everything about this weeks show but that would spoil the fun right?! I’ll be counting down my favourite 30 albums of 2012 and playing some choice cuts from my favourite records as well as interviewing the artist behind my favourite album of 2012…

question mark


I CAN tell you that Jewellers will be on the bandstand sharing some welsh electronic goodness and tipster John Freeman will be revealing his favourite musical discovery of the year..

1-3pm on Amazing Radio on or via iphone / android app 


21/12/12 Amazing Radio
To Kill A King Interviewed :: Fear Of Men on the bandstand :: The Von Pip Musical Express Tips ::
14/12/12 Amazing Radio
Jewellers Interviewed :: Mac De Marco on the bandstand :: A New Band A Day Tips ::

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