Inbetweeners #1

It’s a hectic world we live in and sometimes It’s great to just cut out the miss out the entree and just dig into the main course.. which in this case is the music.

Sooooo, for this reason (and because I really can’t be bothered to set up a tumblr aswell as this blog) i’m going to set up a new series of blogs which are a bit different to my norm.  I’m calling them #inbetweeners, simply because I want them to bridge the gap between my standard blogs, and the intention is to give some instantaneous musical gratification from the likes of youtube, vimeo, soundcloud and similar programmes to showcase a few new sounds/bands that I’m really digging.. so without any further messing, heres the first installment..

Sydney band Deep Sea Arcade blew me away twice live recently, and i’ve managed to track down their forthcoming single on youtube, the retro styling sums them up to a tee!  I LOVE it..


I’ve talked about the wealth of musical talent coming from the North East of England on a number of occasions, and these guys are probably one of my greatest tips.  They are Polarsets, they’re from Whitley Bay and they are a percussive dream..


I will interview Two Wounded Birds one of these days.. I keep missing them unfortunately, and this pure rock n roll blast is a great indication of exactly why I love them..


Fresh off the press Talking Pictures are not a band I know anything at all about, but this has that kind of dancy electronic vibe that is bound to be everywhere this summer, and this video is ALL GOOD for the hetrosexual male, if you know what I mean 😉


I’ve played this Alex Winston track a couple of times on the show before, but its finally on video. Sisterwife!


You can’t beat a good cover and Patterns have come up trumps with this All Saints effort..


I ended up watching a dire band called Sound Of Arrows mistakenly instead of Arrows of Love, i recommend you don’t make the same mistake..


Keen listeners on my show will have heard the Border Surrender on the show previously.. but if you haven’t heard them, here you go..


Until next time..

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