Spring greens..

The gigs have certainly been abundant in the springtime and as spring draws to a close its that time to get myself in shape for summer, you know eat less, move more, watch the alcoholic beverages. Which I why I found it so cool finally getting to meet Beta Band frontman Steve Mason on his solo tour and having a chat about diets, health and the lowest calorific alcoholic drink! Oh more of the usual side of things, Steve played a blinding set of solo material off album ‘Boys Outside’ I highly recommend you check it out..

My next gig outing was to the delightful Castle Hotel on Manchesters Oldham Street, adored by most of Manchesters muso crowd for its late bar and Manchester Eggs. But more recently for its gorgeously renovated back room which plays host to some of the hippest gigs going, including The Night Concepts surf and garage nights which I adore.. more on them later ūüėČ On this particular night, the much hyped girl duo 2:54 were playing and they were certainly an interesting watch, tons of attitude and snarling of lips..

Yet another night where I managed to jump across town to two different venues to see two different bands ensued on the next outing. ¬†I managed to finally catch the wonderful Doyle & The Fourfathers live as they supported The Undertones. ¬†There was banter, merriment and a photo of Phil Collins on the drums.. You can’t really ask for more really can you?! They’ll be playing The Rochdale Feelgood Festival which is FREE to attend on September 3rd so make sure you don’t miss them!

A run across the city led me back to where the night had begun with me interviewing the cool cats that are¬†Pete & The Pirates, I made it back in the nick of time to see them play an energised poppy live set which included a slew of new songs off their brand new second album “One Thousand Pictures”. ¬†For a taster check out their latest single here:


Recordstore Day was epic in every sense of the word.. I was up and queueing at 7am for what was going to be the longest day EVER. ¬†I want to make it clear that I do practice what I preach.. when I talk about vinyl on Vinyl District I actually do (in the words of Brown Brogues) buy the vinyl. ¬†My recordstore stash is pretty evident on this snapshot, I couldn’t resist The Kills – Blood Pressures on green vinyl on the same day though..

A full run down of my purchases will be divulged on the official blog of Recordstore Day Р Vinyl District  Рsometime in the next week or two, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

By 11am on Recordstore Day I had got my purchases in the bag and had arrived at SSR Manchester for the May installment of the SSR Salford Sessions with the aptly named¬†May 68, Kitsune have released their music previously, resulting in a big demand for european touring, so they’ve been a bit off radar in the UK recently! It was great to finally get to know them better, to hear what they have been plotting and to finally hear forthcoming single “White Lies”. ¬†Lead singer Jude even attempted a pole dance, the girl can move! haha! Listen to the session HERE

So after a mammoth day of recording and editing at SSR and my Recordstore day queuing you would seriously think I would be asleep a corner somewhere.  But my work is never done.. I headed to Sheffield with a mate for a heady mix of romantic indie-pop prescribed by The Heartbreaks and The Crookes.  Both bands were absolutely out of this world live, coming on leaps and bounds all the time.. but what topped the day off? I MET STEVE LAMACQ! Smile for the camera Steve..

The night was amazing on all fronts but this band topped the night off perfectly, so thanks to The Crookes.. They ROCK.

After some well deserved rest I was back on the gig trail with 50s rock n roll innovators Jim Jones Revue, I finally got to meet the band and check out their mindblowingly energetic live set. ¬†I don’t think my ears will ever be the same actually, and I was wearing earplugs! They demonstrated exactly why 6 Music have been going gaga for the retro styling and sounds..

I had another class night out at the hands of Canadian rockers The Dears and later that week finally got to see Exit Calm again for the first time since they went off radar to write new material. They were playing in support of Puressence and I couldn’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed by the main acts performance.

But I guess occasionally you’re going to see something you don’t really dig, right? Well fortunately for me (and you) that doesn’t happen very often and my next blog post about the amazing Sounds From The Other City festival will be anything but a musical disappointment. Keep ’em peeled yeh?

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