My albums of 2015

Merry Christmas! There was no boxing day show on amazing radio, so i thought i’d take the opportunity to put a few words together to talk about some of my favourite albums of the year.But firstly, did you check out the December 2015 Wichita Recordings Podcast yet? No? Check here where i celebrate everything 2015, a raft of awesome releases in the last year and a look forward to what 2016 holds wichita stylie!I’ll be back on air on the 2nd January 2016 playing some of my tips for 2016 but until then, lets talk all things 2015!

  1. HOLY – Stabs

Turning the guitars up to 11, there is no way you can be in a bad mood listening to this raucous garage record with an awesome underlying pop sensibility. PNKSLM are legends too.

2. Chastity Belt – Time To Go Home

Yep i’ve always wondered what it would be like to eat pizza dressed as a ghost. The most sultry, undulating, pure and effortless record of the year in my eyes and i couldn’t live without it.

3.  Foals – What Went Down

I think Ally McRae summed it up perfectly this year when he said imagine if every day was Foals release day. What a joyous life it would be! ‘What Went Down’ continues Foals’ epic trajectory upwards towards festival headline slots. The Arena’s beckon and Yannis will soon be King. Ready the lighting rigs!

4. Julia Holter – Have You In My Wilderness

Last year i felt utterly in love with Jane Weaver’s ‘The Silver Globe’ and for the same reasons i find Julia Holter’s ‘Have You In My Wilderness’ completely breathtaking. Taking me back to Beacons Festival a couple of years ago where i sat cross legged on the floor amongst others hanging off every word that she sang. Dreamy.

5.  Father John Misty – I Love You Honeybear

The best hips in the business 2k15. Yes. Josh Tilmann has slayed the live scene this year, his give it all performance, quirky personality and tell it like it is outpouring is the shot in the arm the music industry needed. Just don’t record him on your camera phone.. 😉

6. Grimes – Art Angels

A triumphant return from Grimes, pop-oooooooooooooooooooOo. What a goddess.

7. All We Are – All We Are

Winners of the 2015 Get Into This Award in their home city of Liverpool with a unanimous vote. Their early description as the sound of The Bee Gees on diazepam was just the tip of the iceberg, gorgeous harmonious, thundering energy and the resultant album? The perfect soundtrack to the sun setting in my view..

8.  Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Definitely my favourite ex tram driver from Finland. Edgy, inspiring and utterly lovely in every way, big ups Jaakko, it was worth the wait.

9.  Deerhunter – Fading Frontier

It’s been an eventful year for Bradford Cox, approximately a year ago he was run over by a car and yet still managed to release yet another incredible Deerhunter Record in ‘Fading Frontier’.

10. Boxed In – Boxed In

He’s come a long way since ‘Keith’ and I was pretty hyped to see Oli Bayston return with new outfit Boxed In. Some of the catchiest riffs and keywork that i’ve spied all year.

11.  Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

An incredibly personal journey for Sufjan in his seventh album release which documents the death of his mother and her marriage to stepfather Lowell who co-founded label Asthmatic Kitty with him.

12.  Tame Impala – Currents

The first Tame Impala record to be played solely by Kevin Parker and mixed by Parker also, embraces the world of electronic music, synths becoming a prominent part of the make up to help Perth’s musical royalty break into the clubs, grab your glow sticks..

13.  Little Comets – Hope Is Just A State Of Mind

What a year for the Comets, this album hit the top 10! They are truly a band to have grown into their quirky pop sound despite having given their percussion washing line away as a prize in an album funding round. Rob’s voice still gets me!

14. Sundowners – Sundowners

The shimmer, the dreams, the plains. Wirral band Sundowners may have Coral family connections but they sure walk to their own tune. The visual of psychadelic sunsets and the need to shake a tambourine vigorously weigh heavily..

15. Surf City – Jekyll Island

Fire Records came up with many a treat this year, but Surf City’s effortless slacker vibe is just the tonic

16.  La Luz – Weirdo Shrine

I was anticipating an awesome record when i heard that Ty Segall was working with La Luz on their new release. 3D glasses are seriously the tip of the iceberg, the Shadows-esque guitars and girl group harmonies reeled me in again to my very own Weirdo Shrine.

17.  Bernard + Edith – Jem

Bernard (Nick) & Edith (Greta) finally released their debut album on Bella Union in 2015, the  album artwork is intensely personal showing Greta’s mum and grandma’s hands intertwined and the duo’s personal touches and influences are evident throughout the record, their eastern electronic sway is refreshing.

18. Amason – Sky City

The track ‘Kelly’ has been described as Voulez Vous on downers. Yep, ABBA do spring to mind, but so does that M83-esque Sax Solo. Frankly Sweden does the best effortless pop EVER, with Miike Snow and Dungen members in the pot, the sky was always going to be the limit.

19. La Priest – Inji

His musical past of Late Of The Pier to touring the world as part of Connan Mockasins band to finally releasing his own solo record has treated Sam Dust well. A quirky, edgy, vibing piece of left field pop.

20. Fly Golden Eagle – Quartz Bijou

So much hammond organ, choppy funk licks and swirly psychedelia. It may live in the past but embrace it!

A Spotify playlist of some of my fave albums of 2015 can be found right HERE


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