Peaking Lights and Shield Patterns on this weeks shows..

halló! That’s Icelandic for hello incase you were wondering?!  So I’ve been totally pants at keeping this up to date for the last couple of weeks due to working every hour I can trying to keep on top of everything and go to festivals on a weekend, So apologies!

Iceland Airwaves was incredible and It was one of those places where I just had to pinch myself to believe I was there. I got treated so well, which made me extra sad to have to return to my job in engineering on Monday afternoon. I probably shouldn’t say that but music leaves me on such a high and  that alongside the stunning Iceland scenery, well everything else was bound to be a disappointment in comparison.


You know what they say though? Keep your pecker up.. Well to combat my post travel blues I’ll be launching into tonights show on Bolton FM with gusto!

Pen to paper action happened last month and my October Exploratorium Column for The 405  is now up for your delectation HERE.. Novembers Incoming..

The October Wichita Recordings Podcast is in the bag, take a listen either on the Wichita Soundcloud account HERE or by subscribing on iTunes HERE. Novembers… Oh you get the picture 😉

06/11/13 Bolton FM 10pm – midnight

Tonight I’ll be reminiscing about some of my psychedelic festival adventures this year by airing my interview with Aaron from Peaking Lights from Liverpool International Festival Of Psychadelia and my Record Of The Week is a pick from an artist that played both Austin Psychfest and Angers Psychfest, Elephant Stone with their album of the same name. Wedged around a playlist of brand new music, it’s the escape your ears need. FREE YOUR EARS!

96.5FM or or on the free app

09/11/13 Amazing Radio 1 – 3pm

Again keeping things local, Manchester based Shield Patterns join me to talk about their new two piece line up and to tell me more about their sound. They’re suporting Sub Motion Orchestra on November 14th At Manchesters Deaf Institute for those that dig. Splashh throw some ace artists at our ears on the bandstand this week and that trusty new music messiah Vonpip tips for us!

Saturdays 1-3pm on Amazing Radio on DAB in Dublin, London and the south east, online at or via our free iphone / android app


23/10/13 Bolton FM

Guards ROTW :: Iceland Airwaves Festival Special:: NEW MUSIC


26/10/13 Amazing Radio

Suzuki Method Interviewed :: Dark Bells  bandstand :: Chris Bye Tips :: SWN


02/11/13 Amazing Radio

Kidsmoke Interviewed :: Emperor Zero bandstand :: Vonpip Tips


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