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Black week..

Black week… hell yeah!
Following thursdays show with the Black Knights, I continued the theme with more black and dark tracks – Black Angels, Black Mountain, etc etc and an interview with The Black Keys.
I also said I’d play the Lysergic Suite featuring Tom Meighan (Kasabian) again, so here you go, click on the link below and listen in at 13.58.
Summer Sundae festival on friday was a blast, despite copious amounts of gin I managed to chat to Peggy Sue about their debut album Fossils and other phantoms.. more of that later though..
An interview with Sam from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. on thursdays show, I know what his favourite revel is… 9pm Thursday on 94.4fm or http://www.salfordcityradio.org and more of the best new music as always!
oh and something to think about..

epic blog not epilogue..

It’s that time again yep, I really need to update el blogo.. i’ve even got a post it note with stuff i’ve done to remind me, gees times is hard eh..

right kicking off to start off links to the last four shows.. yep if you don’t already know I have two radio shows that air a week on Salford City Radio 94.4fm or http://www.salfordcityradio.org.. 5pm on a sunday and 9pm on a thursday..

The last fortnights shows are linked below, featuring interviews with the following artists (click on the artist to link to the show):

* The Bluetones – back with a brand new album ‘A new athens’, they join me to talk about the record and more..

* Blackchords – play live in the studio, all the way from Australia..

* The Crookes – join me to talk about Russels boxer shorts and beak, animation and their calypso sound..

* Surfer Blood – Floridas other sons.. (not forgetting the drums) talk about ‘Astro Coast’ and recording in dorm rooms..

Now to get back to business, its been a hive of activity this month, i’ve got a double page spread in Chimp Magazine reviewing the latest singles.. Now out and available in most Newsagents in Greater Manchester.  Go buy it to find out which single ET does backing vocals on..

Other stuff of interest this month, I interviewed and had my ears blown off by  the epic A place to bury strangers supported by the awesome Crocodiles at the Deaf Institute, one of whom is married to Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls.  Latest single Ego Death..

I went to see the band who wrote Guy Garveys favourite album of 2008, The Acorn who played St Clements Church as part of Chorlton Arts Festival and to promote the release of their second record ‘No Ghost’, Rolf joins me for a chat  about new single Restoration, touring with Elbow and recording in a cottage by a lake on this sundays radio show..

The power of the internet as it is, you can see a video from the gig..

Great support from local band Blind Atlas too, i’ve heard good things about these guys and the new single ‘Take a while’ sounds really pretty.. check it here:

I finally tracked down Goldheart Assembly as they played Manchester twice in a week, great guys who played a storming set at Dot to Dot Festival, sad to hear the news about one of the band leaving.. the news had left the band in a state of upheaval trying to learn bits of songs in the back of the van on the way to the gig. No one would have known.. and their album ‘Wolves and thieves’ is every bit as sublime as i hoped, well worth checking out people.

I also managed to catch up with the hotly tipped Chapel Club to talk about new single ‘Five Trees’ and their forthcoming album

After that I caught up with The Cheek who endured a tyre blowout on the M1 on the way up from Nottingham but still played a storming set without a soundcheck. Check out their new single ‘Just one night’, these guys are going to be HUGE, they played to a packed out room…

My choice of bands for the day Beach House, Blood Red Shoes, Field Music, The Cheek, Chapel Club, Goldheart Assembly, Mystery Jets, Wild Beasts, Twisted Wheel and Yuck.  Gutted to miss The Crookes and Fenech-Soler but theres only so many places you can be at once.. respect to the organisers of Dot to Dot festival, the best urban festival line up around this year.  They’re already selling early bird tickets for 2011… http://www.dottodotfestival.co.uk/

Last week was the weekend of the sports party.. yes no one would know the World Cup was imminent! Umbro on friday night, Adidas saturday.  Umbro are responsible for the new England away kit and if you missed Kasabians Tom Meighan debuting the shirt at a gig in Europe then you must be living in a hole..

Not only are they responsible for some of the best sports gear around, they also do a lot of work in the community and with local bands…their  website boasts ‘band of the month’ and they also run both ‘Tailored in Manchester’ to give a leg up for local bands and ‘Umbro Industries’, a programme of funding for creative projects looking to become established.   Their party continued this theme by laying on an array of Manchesters finest acts.. Dutch Uncles, Run Toto Run, Orphan Boy and 1913. Well done guys, great local bands, a great night and tasty south african cuisine all in the trendiest sports shop in town, understated but who needs to be flashy when you clearly put the effort in all year long, all hail Umbro!

Adidas clearly wear their hearts  (or stripes) on their sleeves.. as did I dragging out my vintage 70s Adidas for the occasion..

.. yep, not a peep out of them all year and then bam! All very secretive stuff, texts will be sent at noon on the day to advise you of the location etc etc.. and where was it? ..

Coronation Street..  just truly unbelievable.  They pulled out all the stops and the attention to detail was immense,  I know i’m bombarding the blog with photos today but you had to see it to believe it. Picnic tables down the length of Coronation Street with an array of cakes, fruit and food.  The teapots had Seabreeze cocktails in them too.. Cakes made to look like shoe boxes, dancers, adidas umbrellas and deckchairs, an acoustic set from Badly Drawn Boy and a huge stage with sets from The Whip, Bad Lieutenant and more.. but for me it was all about this place..

..only Betty and her hotpot could have topped it really, great stuff. Thanks Adidas!

Enough of the shallow partying and back to the music..on the lo-fi wave of things, I managed to catch up with The Smith Westerns and Male Bonding, interviews to air in the coming weeks..

I managed to catch Band of Horses this week, a tuning screw up made for much merriment.. and this was a stand out track:

New music floating my boat..

The Lysergic Suite – the debut single ‘Ghosts on Crusade’ from the Leicester three piece is out on Monday and I have the first radio airing of the track on the show on sunday at 5pm! featuring vocals from Tom Meighan (Kasabian) and production from Tim Holmes (Death in Vegas), epic brooding guitar dirge..whats not to love..  http://www.myspace.com/thelysergicsuite

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are back with a brand new single ‘Say no to love’ and it rocks, the thing i love about this band is they are just so simple but effective.  The b sides are always just as good too.. bring on indie Tracks! The new single:

To end this epic blog.. Zola Jesus, another dark and brooding number, but forthcoming single Night really has something about it.. her vocals certainly have a ‘florence-ness’ about them.. Night all x