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The spring dance..

How did i manage to forget to talk about meeting Darwin Deez last week? I have no idea… but I did!

Before i got to witness the beauty of the Deez bands co-ordinated dance routine, i caught up with Darwin for a chat about headbands, four stringed guitars and some of his influences.. keep your eyes peeled for an airing of the interview on my radio show, but for now a sneak peek..

Shell: If you could could work with any other artist who would it be?

Darwin: Kasabian? No I’m just making that up.. It would be fun to write a song with John Lennon I guess, NO! It would be fun to write a song with Paul McCartney.. cos  John Lennon would just come in and be like ‘WELL heres the song’….and you’d be like ‘yeah its AMAZING.. I’m not going to do anything to it’…

Great guy, so funny and charming too. He’s just trying to break out the box and do something a bit different! He’s back in Manchester on wednesday as part of the NME Radar tour, so if you can head down as the amazing Hurts and one of Darwins favourite bands, Everything Everything are playing..DO!

and as for those dance moves.. well this is all i really need to say:

Sundays radio show featuring an interview with editors is up now for listen again here

Also features brand new music from The Futureheads, Allo Darlin’, The Drums, The Divine Comedy, Babeshadow and more..

My thought for the night.. Chapel Club

Night x