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Sex with an x…

Where to start dear blog?!

Exciting news! Salford City Radio is 3! Yes! Happy birthday to my no 1 radio station! and… to help us celebrate we have launched a brand spanking new website.. www.salfordcityradio.org Go Looksy..

My page is actually: http://www.salfordcityradio.org/shows.php?id=186 and I have managed to look reasonably human on it for a change! The good thing about the new website can be seen when you scroll down my page, I have a playlist box where I will be posting the latest playlists and giving you a preview of the weeks coming shows, which also allows me to drop in some music videos and photos to make it a bit more accessible for all..

Now for the really exciting bit..if you’re sick of only being able to stream my show and want to listen to it on the move you can do, if you click on listen again you will see a list of my thursday shows that you can download! Theres currently a minor glitch in the system so you have to go into individual sundays to download those shows too, but now you can listen to me on the move which can only be a good thing!

In addition, in the last couple of weeks I set up a radio show archive on Mixcloud as the shows aren’t available for listen again forever on the SCR website.  In the coming months I will be adding more of my back catalogue of shows in order for those interviews to be available for listen again when required..  I’ll also be uploading all the new shows and they benefit from playlists and timestamping if you want to know what you are actually listening to at any one time.  Check it here:


New shows up for listen again are:

Caitlin Rose

The Divine Comedy


An Unconvention Preview (read below for a bit more about Unconvention 12: Salford

Unconvention returns to Salford again for its 12th outing working at the grass roots of the music industry.  Unconvention has operated in Macclesfield, The Netherlands, Columbia, and even Australia this year.  Salford stalwart and promoter Tony Thornborough joined me to talk all things Unconvention, the bands lined up to play and how it is possible to move away from pay to play gigs, as demonstrated in Salford. For more information on Unconvention check the hub: http://unconventionhub.org/

‘Rocktober’ has certainly kicked off with a bang and I’ve been running around like a headless chicken recently at gigs, doing interviews and working on a few exciting large projects – the details of which should be revealed in the next few months..

Looking back in my diary, the first interview I did after the last blog was with the lovely Two Door Cinema Club.  One of the most infectious releases of the year, they have been a hit with both the kids and the adults alike.. interview coming soon where they talk about their love of ginger beer, the album artwork cat and much more.. but in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for the re-release of I can talk..

Sex with an X is the brand new second album from The Vaselines, saying it has been a long time coming is an understatement, they released debut album Dum Dum back in 1990 (which incidentally alongside Iggy Pop’s Dum Dum Boys song influenced Dum Dum Girls with their choice of name).  It’s taken them 20 years of solo albums, alternative bands and side projects for Frances and Eugene to reunite.. they played a blinding and charming gig at the Deaf Institute recently and if you get to see them you can understand why Kurt Cobain was such a fan.. this old classic is a musical education in itself, and if it sounds familiar, yes, Nirvana did cover it on their MTV Unplugged session.

Last weekend was another classic ‘Zenner’ weekend, I interviewed two bands in the midst of the Captain America film set which was very surreal, interviewing a band on a street full of 1940s cars! The bands in question were the lovely Xcerts and local band Pegasus Bridge, check out their forthcoming single ‘Ribena’ for a little taster…

I think the highlight of my year occurred last sunday, I was on the same stage as MGMT..well they were playing and I was trying not to trip over things at the back of the stage on my way to interview Dee Dee Dum Dum for the second time, mightily excited to hear the fruits of their labours on their forthcoming EP with Sune from The Raveonettes and Richard Gottehrer. MGMT were on great form as always, a spectacular light show and rather normal outfits..

Then there was last night.. I got to meet the lovely Future Islands who were playing Salford’s revamped and sexy Islington Mill, all the way from Baltimore they joined me talk about their latest album ‘In Evening Air’, shopping at Reebok outlets and tons more.. the set highlight for me:

I also managed to squeeze in the lovely Danny Cawleys stunning art Exhibition, wow! It’s on at Preview Art on Tarriff Street for the next month and is well worth a visit. Then hotfooted it to see Exit Calm get the crowd that they finally deserve in Manchester , blinding gig as always despite a few bass problems.  But the suprise of the night had to be Wu Lyf and finally getting to see that Wu Lyf cross.. channelling the sound of the Walkmen with raw vocals.. loved it.

And now to absorb myself In Unconvention 12: Salford, and In the City, See you on the other side… xx


Country, rhythm and blues..

..is back with a bang! What? It never went away?… well maybe it was just under the radar a tad…

This year has seen some amazing country and blues debut album releases from Harper Simon, Dylan Leblanc and Caitlin Rose..plus you must have been living in a hole not to realise the legend that is Seasick Steve has been headlining all over this festival season.. I managed to see him at Summer Sundae and what more can I say than the guys amazing!

In homage to this new wave of country and blues.. theres a little taster of the newer stuff below:

Dylan Leblanc

Caitlin Rose

Harper Simon – the day i interviewed him..

A radio update – Shows now up for listen again:

Peggy Sue – talking one sided accordion playing, Rosa and Katy confusion and eclectic drumming..

Thai Brides and Teacakes – Rob Lees new play hits Manchester soon and he joins me alongside The Naughtys who wrote the soundtrack to the play. WARNING – This show is full of northern cheek and charm, plus the odd teacake.. with fruit bits and all..

Funeral Party – The LA punk rockers joined me to talk gambling addictions, lo-fi, NYC vs LA and more..

Plenty more coming up in future weeks too with interviews to air from Caitlin Rose, Zola Jesus, Neon Indian and more..

Tomorrows show features an interview with Rose Elinor Dougall, her debut stunning album entitled ‘Without Why’ was released this week and deserves every success in my view.. Rose joins me to talk about where this album takes her, working with Mark Ronson and Ex Dirty Pretty Things/Libertines guitarist Anthony Rossamundo and err being Jesus?!

So don’t forget to tune in 5pm on 94.4fm or http://www.salfordcityradio.org

I’ve got a couple of big promo blogs coming up in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled but in the meantime get your ears around these:


Orphan Boy

Frankie Rose and the Outs – I blogged her last time but this album is so good it needs sharing..

Zola Jesus

Phillip Selway

The Black Angels

The Frankie and the Outs, Orphan Boy and Black Angels albums could well be a few of my top albums of 2010 on what i’ve heard so far. Immense.

til next time.. x