Mothers on this weeks show!

 30/06/16 Amazing Radio

Mothers sound gorgeous in every sense of the word, their breathtaking music silences rooms in mere seconds. I was mesmerised when I saw them in Brighton so had to catch up with them for the show! Hear my interview with them where they talk about recording in a laundry room and so much more! Amber Arcades are back and on the bandstand this week and Dave from Even The Stars is this weeks tipster!

New music:

Eagulls – Still Parade – Few Bits – Virgin Kids – West Of The Sun – Racing Glaciers – Twin Pines – Bad Fit – The Everglows – Rosie Bans – Indigo Club – Billow Cloud – Noble Oak – Rats On Rafts – Ethan & The Reformation – Whitney – Over Sands – Skott – Eat Fast – Drakkar Nowhere – Mononoke – Sameblod – Boxed In – Pokal -Whyte Horses

From 7pm on Amazing Radio.. DAB In Dublin, online or via the free app!


23/06/16 Amazing Radio

Amber Arcades Interviewed :: Tangerines Bandstand :: Scruff Of The Neck Records Tips


16/06/16 Amazing Radio

Tangerines Interviewed :: Pauw Bandstand :: Even The Stars Tips



09/06/16 Amazing Radio

Pauw Interviewed :: Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? Bandstand :: Vonpip Tips


04/06/16 Amazing Radio

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? Interviewed :: Banff Bandstand :: Even The Stars Tips


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