The Vryll Society on this weeks show!

HEYA it’s March and i’m finally the mortgagee of a garage and a conservatory (plus a house), i’ve achieved peak middle aged-ness right? It’s been a hectic few months and as such i’m a bit behind with emails so please bear with me! Broadband connection could take longer than i expected as this place doesn’t have a telephone wire to the telegraph poles (have you ever read why they are called that? amazing). So yeah if you’re buying a house check your house has a telephone wire!

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12/03/16 Amazing Radio

On the show this week I get to talk to Mike from The Vryll Society about their sound, working with Deltasonic, touring with Blossoms and the Wirral / Liverpool rivalry!

I’ll also be hearing from tipster Dave Brown from Even The Stars and Whitney are on the bandstand talking about some of their favourite new artists.

From 1pm on Amazing Radio!

New music from:

Avec Sans – Bibio – Wunder Wulf – DEMS – Violet Skies – Ryley Walker – Horsebeach – Tacocat – Pup – Two Cartoons – Colour – DIIV – Hazing – Lapsley – Cape Cub – Samaris – Jorja – Floating Ballroom – Astronomyy – Ana Lete -Little Lapin – Lets Eat Grandma – Sink – Trash – Sugarthief – RINSE – Weekend Wars


05/03/16 Amazing Radio

Whitney Interviewed :: Oscar Bandstand :: Popped Music Tips


27/02/16 Amazing Radio

Oscar Interviewed :: Sunflower Bean Bandstand :: Scruff Of The Music Tips


20/02/16 Amazing Radio

Sunflower Bean Interviewed::  Haarm Bandstand :: Popped Music Tips


13/02/16 Amazing Radio

Haarm Interviewed :: Man & The Echo Bandstand :: Even The Stars Tips


06/02/16 Amazing Radio

Man & The Echo Interviewed :: Bruising Bandstand :: Vonpip Tips





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