Diet Cig on this weeks show!

23/01/16 Amazing Radio

On the show today I’ll be chatting to the aces Diet Cig who headed to the UK recently for their first shows here! Hear what they have to say about the current crop of NYC venues and bands, their album plans and more!

Clean Cut Kid are on the bandstand talking about a lady that they L-l-l-l-l-ove! Oh and Dave from Scruff Of The Neck Records tips!

From 1pm on Amazing Radio!

New music from:

Porches – Wild Nothing – Thyla – Hurdles – Viola Beach – NIMMO – Shields – Beaty Heart – Acre Tarn – Rope Store – Julia Holter – Gang – Quilt – Over Sands – Haelos – Daughter – Shura – Lapsley – Moon Tourists – Day Wave – Oscar – Man & The Echo – AFTERBLOOM – Boys Forever – LIFE – Get Inuit – Swaying Wires


16/01/16 Amazing Radio

Clean Cut Kid Interviewed :: Viola Beach Bandstand :: Even The Stars Tips


09/01/16 Amazing Radio

Viola Beach Interviewed :: Chastity Belt Bandstand :: Popped Music Tips



12/12/15 Amazing Radio

Chastity Belt Interviewed :: Spring King Bandstand :: Even The Stars Tips


05/12/15 Amazing Radio

Spring King Interviewed :: Vitamin Bandstand :: Popped Music Tip


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