Frankie & The Heartstrings on this weeks show!

Last months Wichita podcast is available HERE!!  The next edition is ready to fly…

11/07/15 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

Release dates are now on fridays! Happy first friday release day! To celebrate i’ll be chatting to a band that have an actual album out today, they are Frankie & The Heartstrings and Decency is out today!

Fairchild are on the bandstand this week and Vonpip tips for us too!

Saturdays 1-3pm on Amazing Radio on DAB, online at or via our free iphone / android app too!


04/07/15 Amazing Radio 

Fairchild Interviewed :: Lower Dens on the bandstand :: Popped Music Tips


27/06/15 Amazing Radio 

Lower Dens Interviewed :: Tops on the bandstand :: Even The Stars Tips


20/06/15 Amazing Radio 

Tops Interviewed:: The Parrots on the bandstand :: Chris Bye Tips


13/06/15 Amazing Radio 

The Parrots Interviewed:: Sun Club on the bandstand :: Andy Vonpip Tips


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