TOPS on this weeks show!

Week two of my new job has seen me regularly falling asleep at 10pm and listening time mainly confined to commuting times, queue power ballads and fast paced electronica.. NO SERIOUSLY..

In typical Manchester style, i can report that Manchester Day was a washout and I absconded to the pub for a roast, like you do.

Talking of hunger.. If you haven’t tucked into the latest Wichita podcast yet then well you’d better starve yourself for a few hours as it’s HUNGRY listening.. the  may edition featuring Theo Verney is right HERE!!  I really need to get a wriggle on with the June edition, it’s a coming..

20/06/15 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

I’ll be investing some time and chatter in this weeks show into catching up with the awesome TOPS who were over from Canada recently.

New Manchester music in the show today from Spring King, The Foetals, Brocken Spectre, Factory Acts and Man Made! The Parrots on the bandstand and Chris Bye tips for us!

Saturdays 1-3pm on Amazing Radio on DAB, online at or via our free iphone / android app too!


13/06/15 Amazing Radio 

The Parrots Interviewed:: Sun Club on the bandstand :: Andy Vonpip Tips


06/06/15 Amazing Radio 

Sun Club Interviewed:: Oscar on the bandstand :: Even The Stars Tips


30/05/15 Amazing Radio 

Oscar Interviewed:: Rory Wynne on the bandstand :: Popped Music Tips


23/05/15 Amazing Radio 

Rory Wynne Interviewed:: Hidden Charms on the bandstand :: Vonpip Tips


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