Travis Bretzer and Get Inuit on this weeks shows!

Well the new Wichita Podcast did finally land! Chats with Girlpool and more HERE, March is under construction and will include Total Babes, Theo Verney and Fidlar covering Sheryl Crowe, well if it makes you happy… 😉

11/03/15 Bolton FM 10 – 12pm

Tonight.. My ROTW is from the luscious Travis Bretzer. It’s woozy, its summery and I think you’re going to love it! I’ll be playing three tracks from it on the show tonight, so don’t miss it!

This weeks #Shellshock is from the lovely Laura Marling, one of those tracks that you hear and just keep having to play again and again and again..

10pm – midnight 96.5fm / / free app!

14/03/15 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

I’ll be opening this weeks show with an awesome new band from Liverpool: Sea Witches! Also in this weeks show, Jane Weaver rejoins me to talk about some new artists that she’s enjoying and her record label ‘Bird’.

Kent really is proving it’s worth in the new music stakes of late, so I’ll be chatting to Get Inuit about their early steps, the Kent music scene and that hip beardster Jack Alcopop about releasing on his label.

Charlotte from Hooting And Howling Magazine always picks exciting new artists to excite our ears, but this weeks really fits the bill, well her bill, as she’s promoting her first show this weekend. I’ll be in attendance but give yourself an introduction by listening in this weekend.

Saturdays 1-3pm on Amazing Radio on DAB, online at or via our free iphone / android app too!


04/03/15 Bolton FM 

ROTW – Little Comets – Hope Is Just A State Of Mind – #shellshock – W I N T E R – Father Time


07/03/15 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

Jane Weaver Interviewed :: Affairs on the Bandstand :: Lisa @ Just The Type Tips ::


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