The Sundowners and Beverly on this weeks shows!


P-P-P-P-Pick up a podcast! The December brew is here: WICHITA  and Januarys incoming, god I LOVE those guys!

21/01/15 Bolton FM 10 – 12pm

Tonight.. My ROTW is from those The Sundowners it’s called ‘If wishes were horses’ and i’ll be playing three tracks on the show today!

This weeks #Shellshock is by All We Are it’s called ‘Keep Me Alive’ and It’s got that easy going lilt that just makes me go gaga..

10pm – midnight 96.5fm / / free app!

24/01/15 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

This week on the show I have a heart to heart with Drew from Beverly about releasing debut album ‘Careers’, hooking up with Kanine Records and what the hell is happening to the venues in NYC and Brooklyn after the closure of Glasslands and Death By Audio.

This weeks tipster is Andy Vonpip he may well be tipping a band from Leicester and crawling around in the undergrowth. You’d best listen in to find out..

On the bandstand this week you can hear from Little Sparrow too, dropping us an unpronounceable tip, thanks for that Katie 😉

Saturdays 1-3pm on Amazing Radio on DAB, online at or via our free iphone / android app too!


14/01/15 Bolton FM 

ROTW – Bass Drum Of Death : Rip This – #shellshock – RONiiA: Last Words


18/01/15 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

BC Camplight Interview :: Gymnast On the Bandstand :: Even The Stars Tips ::


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