Tips for 2015!



Firstly, Happy New Year!

Well it’s that time of year again, when doodles turn into lists and everyone smacks their hands to either side of their head and says NO MORE LISTS.

But indulge me, I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about new music, is this my time to shine? Probably not! But if you discover just one new artist that you wouldn’t have otherwise then it will have been worth my time putting this list together.

I’m a fan of round numbers, so just like my favourite records of 2014 list, i’ve put together 50 artists that I think you should take a listen to HERE if you like something and you’re on the social networks, let me know on twitter or Facebook! I’d love to know what you like 🙂

In no particular order:

Jagaara  – Deers – BRVS – Young Kato – Lapsley – As Elephants Are – Amber Run – Bernard + Edith – Fickle Friends – Trust Fund – Neon Waltz – Radiator Hospital – Cherry Glazerr – All We Are – Moats – EKKAH – Wolf Alice – Shura – Gengahr – Halsey – Girlpool – Tei Shi – ODESZA – Febueder – TALA – Elderboork – Fever The Ghost – BoxedIn – Zola Blood – Blessa – JUCE – Blossoms – Swim Mountain – Spectres – Menace Beach – Fairchild – Waylayers – Petite Noir – Tobias Jesso Jr – Allusondrugs – Osca – Dios Mio – Beach Day – Bad Breeding – Eaves – The Dunwells – Parlour – Theo Verney – Young Summer – Years And Years

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