Everything Everything & MONEY on this weeks show, also an Iceland Airwaves Nordic ‘Dreams’ Playlist show!!

 If you missed my Iceland Airwaves special last week then you really missed out! But don’t panic, i’ll be airing an assortment of dreamy nordic artists at the Nordic Playlist Radio Bar on friday between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, it’s streaming online and you can find full details on this FACEBOOK link..

05/11/14 Bolton FM 10 – 12pm

I’m in ICELAND. (The country not the shop!)

So no show this week BOO! Don’t worry i’ll be back next week!

07/11/14 Nordic Playlist 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Join me for a one-off special! Presenting for Nordic Playlist at Iceland Airwaves alongside Simon Raymonde, Huw Stephens and more! I’ve curated some fresh and dreamy nordic newies and you can stream it online and find out more information on: http://nordicplaylist.com/playlists/nordic-playlist-radio-bar-iceland/

08/11/14 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

Live month is kicking off at Amazing Radio and as such I’ll be playing A stunning session track that MONEY recorded for us in 2012 as well as chatting to Jamie about new material and his new print press venture! I also have a groovy session track from Quilt to squeeze in too.

I’ll be playing new music from northerners Gulf and Blossomer, both truly GREAT artists!

I’ll be chatting to Everything Everything about their Library Live curation that kicks off next week at Manchester Central Library as well as being joined by Acre Tarn on the bandstand. This weeks tipster is also north west based, the man, the legend: Andy Von Pip!

Saturdays 1-3pm on Amazing Radio on DAB, online at amazingradio.com or via our free iphone / android app too!


29/10/14 Bolton FM 

ROTW – Gymnast – Wild Fleet :: #shellshock – Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens – Movin’  :: New Music

Check it out HERE
01/11/14 Amazing Radio 
Acre Tarn Interviewed :: Holograms on the bandstand :: Simon Raymonde Tips :: NEW MUSIC

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