An Award (!!) Bear In Heaven and Holograms on this weeks shows!!

It’s very rarely that i’m lost for words, but I am. I find that the things that mean the most to me are the hardest to talk about.I’ve been on radio since 2008, starting out on Salford City Radio playing an assortment of my favourite tunes for an hour a week. By 2009 I had bought a voice recorder off eBay for £40 quid and was asking to interview some of my favourite bands. My sound editing was atrocious and my interview skills definitely needed work, but I persevered and seemed to gain more and more respect from people as the years went by. For the last two and a half years i’ve been broadcasting on Amazing Radio, a station that lives and breathes new music, that gets ‘me’ and that i love dearly. They give me the freedom to self curate every week, to interview the people that I really want to meet and to cover the festivals / events / labels that I love the most. I realise how lucky I am, they believe in me and for that I will always be thankful.I’m still working in engineering full time and all of my gigs / festivals / interviews / listening / editing / emails gets done in my evenings and weekends which makes me a little slower than i’d like to be and for the past year my memory has been absolutely terrible, I think it’s fit to burst with information and tunes!

A couple of weeks back I was sent a cryptic email saying it would be in my ‘interest’ to attend an awards ceremony in Cardiff for the Association of Independent Festivals. Intrigued was the word, I looked into it and thought what the hell, I can attend Dim Swn a music festival (!!) the next day and it will be a mini adventure. Little did I know i’d leave the building with a piece of wood bearing my name! Yep, I won an award! My first award since picking up a progress prize at the age of 15 which awarded me a book token that I invested wisely on ‘The true face of jack the ripper’.

The thing that makes my ‘Festival blogger of the year’ award so special is that it was voted for by the festivals: the people that support the music, the people that make my life a far more enjoyable experience. They educate, they risk, they graft and I love them for it. Thanks for making me feel valued, for appreciating the work that I do and for giving me some of the best times of my life. I can’t thank you enough. For someone that still hopes to one day work full time in either the music or radio industries, it’s a lovely vote of confidence that I will treasure forever. The Association Of Independent Festivals is part of the Association of Independent Music and both organisations are fantastic! Having been an award nominee for AIM before i’m exceptionally privileged to even make a shortlist, let alone win!

Thanks for believing in me and for being so bloody brilliant and supportive. You rock and I love you all.


22/10/14 Bolton FM 10 – 12pm

It’s wednesday and that means RADIO! You know when you hear a band that aren’t in your face, they’re not all demanding your attention but they creep into your subconscious until you’re closing your eyes, swaying all rhymically and feeling dreamy? Well thats the effect that Bear In Heaven have on me! I’m so happy they’re back with new album ‘Time Is Over One Day Old’ so that I can share three of the fabulous tracks with you as my ROTW this week! I’ve a groovy new tune from The Primitives as this weeks #shellshock, prime your ear for the vibe of the day!

Packed with new musical treats, the newest award winner is going to get fresh in the studio with the new jammmmmmms.  It’s going to be all kinds of amazing..

Wednesdays 10-12pm on Bolton FM on 96.5fm, online at or via our free iphone / android app too!

25/10/14 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

It’s ROCK month at Amazing Radio and as such I’ll be peppering my proceedings with a suitable number of heavier tunes! I’ll be bigging up a few of the acts playing at All Years Leaving and Liverpool Music Week this week .   I’ll be chatting to Swedish band Holograms about their new recordings, the resurgent Punk scene and more! Last weeks interviewees Blossoms are on the bandstand this week picking one of their favourite artists and Even The Stars are on tipster duty


Saturdays 1-3pm on Amazing Radio on DAB, online at or via our free iphone / android app too!


15/10/14 Bolton FM 

ROTW – TOPS – Picture You Staring  #shellshock – Hey Rocco – Mom Jeans   :: New Music

Check it out HERE
18/10/14 Amazing Radio 
Blossoms Interviewed :: Girl Friend on the bandstand
:: Manchester Scenewipe tips :: Swn Festival :: A Carefully Planned Festival :: NEW MUSIC

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