Coves and Hartheim on this weeks shows!!

The new Wichita Recordings podcast has landed! Find it HERE

The Festival season has given me a breather for a couple of weeks so I should be getting a touch more updated with emails very soon!

18/06/14 Bolton FM 10 – 12pm

On this weeks show my ROTW is ‘Soft Friday’ by Coves after finally getting round to listening to it recently!.  i’ll be playing three lovely numbers from the album on the show and desk drumming to boot no doubt!

I’ll also have my #shellshock to share with you! If you haven’t heard The Shivas yet, then let me enlighten you!

There will be the usual accompaniment of new and emerging music as I spin some of the best new Alt releases. Love music? Don’t miss it..

21/06/14 Amazing Radio 1 – 3pm

Still in the glorious north west this week and my feature interview is with a local band! Hartheim have just announced their new single ‘Welcome To Hartheim’ which was exclusively revealed online this week, I’ll be spinning the new single and chatting to the guys on this weeks show  Great Ytene are on the bandstand this week and new tipster Charlotte Davies of Hooting And Howling Magazine  joins us to tip an artist from the north west that you need in your life!

Saturdays 1-3pm on Amazing Radio on DAB in Dublin, London and the south east, online at or via our free iphone / android app too!

11/06/14 Bolton FM

Deerhunter ROTW :: Shopping #shellshock ::  NEW MUSIC

Check it out HERE

14/06/14 Amazing Radio

Hibou Interviewed  :: Suzuki Method on the bandstand :: SJ Catling Tips ::



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