Jagwar Ma and Dan Croll on this weeks shows..

The Good news is I survived Sheffield, Tramlines was amazing and you’ll be hearing a bit moreabout what I saw and enjoyed on the shows this week, or if you’re impatient take a quick peek at my tumblr..


Incase you missed it recently:
  • I tinkered with my website to update the information on there, so if you are going to email me or send me music, have a read of THIS first.
  • You can read my last two columns for The 405: ‘Exploratorium’ HERE and Edition 2 HERE
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24/07/13 Bolton FM 10pm – midnight 
Tonights show is a mish mash of new musical nuggets from artists new and old. Jagwar Ma join me in conversation to explain exactly why their debut LP Howlin’ is named as such and talk me through the vibe of the album and its varied tracks. This weeks Record Of The Week is by a band i’m very happy to see return from Switzerland Goldheart Assembly.  How come until this interview I didn’t realise that Swiss wasn’t a language, it’s ok though, they make great chocolate.. Come and join me to hear three wonderful tracks off brand new album ‘Long Distance Song Effects’ and so much more..

With new music in the mix from Zen Mantra, Amigo The Devil, Tricky, CSS, Porcelain Raft and more you’d be daft to miss it..

26/07/13 Amazing Radio 1 – 3pm

Back to the north west this week, i’ve crossed back over the Pennines to Manchester’s safe haven, but fear not a blast of Sheffield will remain in Blessa being on the bandstand this week to tip a couple of bands from their side of the Pennines. They played a banging set at Tramlines btw, just incase you were wondering!

The wonderful Dan Croll joins me in conversation to talk about working with those closest to him on his debut record, LIPA the scene in Liverpool and why the City is such a great place to be an artist.

This week sees Vonpip return to the tipster seat and trashes any reasoning for describing a band as ‘quirky’, it’s a tune and a half and you’d be gutted to miss it..

Fridays 1-3pm and Wednesdays 8-10pm on Amazing Radio on DAB in Dublin, London and the south east, online at http://www.amazingradio.com or via our free iphone / android app


17/07/13 Bolton FM

Beach Fossils Interviewed :: Boxer Rebellion ROTW :: New Music A-GO-GO


19/07/13 Amazing Radio

Cloud Boat Interviewed :: Theme Park on the bandstand :: NEW MUSIC


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