Lucy Rose, The Cast Of Cheers and amazing sessions on this weeks show..

15/02/13 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

It’s not very often you meet someone who grew up in the same postcode prefix as you and I was fortunate enough to get to hang with Lucy Rose before Christmas. She had a headache and was really nervous for her live show so I plied her with chocolate freddo’s and picked her brains about debut record ‘Like I Used To’, you can hear me chat to Lucy in the show today..

The Cast Of Cheers have been touring with the big leaguers of late and their bandstand for us this week reflects this, so its not that fresh but its a stone cold classic band!

This weeks tipster is A New Band A Day who has picked a scottish number for us this week, an inspired pick as always!

I’ll also be delving into the Amazing Sessions archive and sharing some fresh Manchester sounds from Bipolar Sunshine, Shinies and Emperor Zero too. Too hot to miss? You betcha..

With a stack of class new music as always, there is no better place to rest your ears every friday between 1-3pm and every wednesday between 8 and 10pm

Fridays 1-3pm and Wednesdays 8-10pm on Amazing Radio on or via iphone / android app


08/02/13 Amazing Radio
East India Youth Interviewed ::Hookworms on the bandstand :: Vonpip Tips ::


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