The Cast Of Cheers, Tame Impala and more on this weeks show..

Oh hiiii, it’s friday and its my birthday tomorrow *gulp* *pastes smile onto face and searches for cake*, so i’m off on an adventure tomorrow! I’m heading down to London to record some TV, yep i’m a presenter on a brand new music show. I can’t say much at the moment as it’s a brand new project but i’m really excited about hanging with some really great bands for the next three days and getting to see them play live sessions to boot.

This week has been pretty exciting. I mean its not every day you get to play table tennis with Delphic is it?!


01/02/13 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

Hiya February! My first show of the month kicks off in fine style with the return of Exit Calm. It’s been a long time coming and i’m excited to see them return with a label as cool as Club AC30.

Today i’ll be chatting to The Cast Of Cheers, not the actual cast, the BAND! They released their debut record Family back in 2012 and have been touring with Two Door Cinema Club and others.  I’ll also be joined by Kevin from Tame Impala who joins us on the bandstand this week to tell us about a wonderful band that supported them on tour around Europe recently.

This weeks tipster in John Freeman and he has a fresh Manchester sound to share.. another cool  and mysterious band out of the Sways Records stable.

With a stack of class new music as always, there is no better place to rest your ears every friday between 1-3pm and every wednesday between 8 and 10pm

Fridays 1-3pm and Wednesdays 8-10pm on Amazing Radio on or via iphone / android app


25/01/13 Amazing Radio
Smoke Fairies Interviewed :: Faye on the bandstand ::Vonpip Tips :: NEW MUSIC A-GO-GO ::

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