Hookworms and An Blonds on this weeks show..


Well Beatwolf Radio is no more. You may have noticed I’ve not been on air there for a few months due to some issues within the station. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who listened, I had a total blast and thanks to Beatwolf, you were fab while you lasted.

It’s nearly time to find out which artists comprise the BBC’s Sound of 2013 Poll, which i contributed to this year. But to fill the void amazing radio have launched their own Tips For 2013 list which is pretty massive!

My amazing radio show now has a repeat, wednesday nights from 8-10pm which is handy for those that are at work in the daytime on a friday and can’t get to hear the show. Don’t forget the live rewind function on the website works upto 9 hours after the show too and that my amazing homepage houses my last show..

30/11/12 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

I’m back in the driving seat and I’m still banging the Psych drum, yes Leeds band Hookworms join me for a chinwag on todays show.. This weeks tipster is the wonderful A New Band A Day and An Blonds step onto the bandstand to tell us about a couple of north west bands that are exciting them.

1-3pm on Amazing Radio on http://www.amazingradio.co.uk or via iphone / android app


23/11/12 Amazing Radio
Mac De Marco Interviewed :: Deep Sea Arcade on the bandstand :: Melodic Records Tips :: A raft of new musical treats for your ears as always ::

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