Deep Sea Arcade & Correatown on this weeks show..


Unfortunately I didn’t win this years Indie Champion Award at the AIM Awards, but it was an honour to be nominated and so, if you did vote in support of me, thankyou!

I’m counting down the days to Canada at the moment! I have been asked to speak on a radio panel about Singles at M For Montreal Festival and so in under two weeks time I’m winging my way to Canada for an awesome looking music showcase!

My Amazing Radio show now has a repeat, wednesday nights from 8-10pm which is handy for those that are at work in the daytime on a friday and can’t get to hear the show. Don’t forget the live rewind function on the website works upto 9 hours after the show and that my amazing home page houses my last show..

02/11/12 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

It’s friday, I’m back on the air! Put your Halloween masks away, there is nothing scary to be had on my Amazing Radio show this week, or is there?!? 😉

In any case Correatown leaps on the bandstand this week, A New Band A Day’s Joe Sparrow  is on tipping duties and the Australian musical revolution continues with an interview with Deep Sea Arcade.  

There will be new north west music from Silverclub, Swiss Lips, Songs For Walter, Ninetails, The 1975 and An Blonds as I champion the north west of England as usual. There will also be a few tunes to bliss out to, some absolutely musical beauty for your ears this afternoon!

1-3pm on Amazing Radio on or via iphone / android app


26/10/12 Amazing Radio

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