Hooray For Earth, No Ceremony & Dog Is Dead on this weeks shows..


17/07/12 Beatwolf Radio 6-8pm

My mum was proud to see me on National television (channel 4 to be precise) back in January talking about some bands that were playing at the Lyle and Scott party, she even made me watch it back on sky plus alongside her. The Band i was there to see on the night were Hooray For Earth and I finally got to chat to Noel at this years Dot To Dot Festival.  We bond over an unlikely Britpop band and talk of our mutual adoration for Bear In Heaven. With stacks of brand new tunes as always to see you through the evening..

6pm on Beatwolf Radio on http://www.beatwolfradio.com or via iphone / android tunein radio app

20/07/12 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

Kelly from No Ceremony /// joins me for chat about the mystery surrounding the band, collaborating with other exciting Manchester artists, being one of Amazing Radio’s 12 x 12, Joey Santiago and more. Expect more questions than answers in the inimitable No Ceremony way… One of our usual north west suspects will be tipping and there is a lovely bandstand to share with you this week alongside a raft of the best (to these ears) new and emerging music..

1-3pm on Amazing Radio on http://www.amazingradio.co.uk or via iphone / android app

20/07/12 Beatwolf Radio 6-8pm

NME may have written about the burgeoning music scenes in Salford and Birmingham, but they clearly overlooked Nottingham. It has been on fire of late with excellent artists such as Ronika, Swimming and Jake Bugg flying the flag. You must have been hiding in a bunker not to have noticed Dog Is Dead‘s rise to the lofty festival main stage, they join me (back on Rob’s birthday) for chats.. This weeks album of the week is the long awaited (in my view) ‘The Palace Garden’ by Seattle groovers Beat Connection, i’ll be sharing three tracks from the album and also a friday freebie from Joanna Gruesome who I saw rip apart a Church recently..

6pm on Beatwolf Radio on http://www.beatwolfradio.com or via iphone / android tunein radio app


10/07/12 Beatwolf Radio

Little Comets – Language Is Over
Shadowbox – AM
Seams – Punch
John Maus – Bennington
Polarsets – Tropics
Lightships – Sunlight To The Dawn
Patrick Watson – Into Giants
Milagres – Halfway
When Saints Go Machine – Mannequin
Born Blonde – I Just Wanna Be
1975 – The City
Kill Van Kulls – Shame & Pride
Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams
Christian Bland & The Revelators – Black Crayon
DIIV – Past Lives
Crocodiles – My Surfing Lucifer
Lysergic Suite – Ghosts On Crusade (Session track)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Stairway
Girls Names – A Troubled See
Kult Country – Source (Code For Thought)
Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling
Wooden Shjips – Black Smoke Rise
September Girls – Wanting More
Joanna Gruesome  – Sugarcrush
The Rosie Taylor Project – Twin Beds

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13/07/12 Amazing Radio

Playlist can be found HERE

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13/07/12 Beatwolf Radio

Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
Draper – Illusion
Para One – Lean On Me
No Ceremony – HOLDONME
Blockhead – Panic In Funkytown
Amadou & Mariam – Wily Kataso
Katzenjammer – I Will Dance (When I Walk Away)
Ren Harvieu – Tonight
Oresteia – Helen

Yeti Lane Interview

Yeti Lane – Sparkling Sunbeam
DIIV – How Long Have You Known
Kult Country – Droplet
Evans The Death – Catch Your Cold
DIIV – Doused
Gringo Star – Shadow
My Tiger My Timing – Wasteland
Allo Darlin’ – Capricornia
The Sufis – Sri Sai Flora
The Shins – The Rifle’s Spiral
Island Audio – Tick Tock
DIIV – Human
Radiohead – Bloom
Alabama Shakes – Hang Loose
We Have Band – Where Are Your People?

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