All the S’s: Soundcity, Savages, Shinies, Spring Offensive and shock..


It was a heavy weekend of festivals at Zenner Towers again this week as I cracked out the ice cream at Brightons Seafront.. I haven’t written in too much detail, but if you want to listen to a few highlights, check out my tumblr later this week (after i’ve had a day or so to put it together!.. but you can listen again to my show on Amazing Radio which was recorded live from the festival HERE

Talking of Amazing Radio, it is with shock that we learnt yesterday that we would be coming off DAB today, this is not just a loss for myself as a presenter/listerner, but for the UK music industry and bands that are played on the station. We hope to be back on the UK airwaves soon, but will continue to stream online in the meantime, with stations in the USA launching later this year. For more information as to why read THIS. Personally DAB meant a lot to me, so i’m pretty devastated and shocked.

You can help by: 1) emailing it can make a difference! #saveamazingdab

2) Liking:



Tuesday 15/05/12 Beatwolf Radio 6-8pm

Coming up on the show A Liverpool Soundcity preview, yes, I’ll be heading back out on the road, to feel the fierce breeze against my face and to hear a continent of people using the word ‘boss’ with enthusiasm. Whether you’re going or not, I’ll enlighten you with some of my picks for this weeks festival during the show..

6-8pm on Beatwolf Radio / or via iphone / android tunein radio app

18/05/12 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

This week I’m back in the North West chair, and normal service/ features resume including our North West tipster ‘Get Into This‘ who will be tipping from the big chair in this weeks ‘SoundCity‘ – Liverpool. There is a bandstand from Savages, the all female band based in London that impressed in Manchester and Brighton in the last fortnight, and Manchester buzz band Shinies join us for a chat too..

1-3pm on Amazing Radio on or via iphone / android app

18/05/12 Beatwolf Radio 6-8pm

This week there is an assortment of brand new music as always.. A friday freebie from No Ceremony, a Manchester band that play  their first gig the day of the show, archive session track from Brown Brogues and a chat with the lovely Spring Offensive.

Alt J’s new album ‘An Awesome Wave’ is this weeks album of the week, I’ll be airing three tracks off it..

6pm on Beatwolf Radio on or via iphone / android tunein radio app


08/05/12 Beatwolf Radio

Fossil Collective – Let It Go
Sunless 97 – Azul
Rae Morris – Day One
Novella – The Things You Do
Fear Of Men – Ritual Confession
Black Moth – The Articulate Dead
Binary – Modern Man
NZCA/LINES – Okinawa Channels
Boxes – Red Skies
The Admiral Fallow – Paper Trench
I Am Oak – Palpable
Bastille – What Would You Do?
Clock Opera – Lesson No 7
Alabama Shakes – Hold On
Eugene McGuinness – Shotgun
Doldrums – I’m Homesick Sittin’ Up Here In My Satellite
Cave Painting – Midnight Love
Boy Friend – Love Dropper
Citizens! – Girlfriend
Django Django – Storm
Cut Ribbons – White Horses
Haim – Forever
Exit Music – Passage
Alt J – Breezeblocks
Friends – Friend Crush
Pond – Moth Wings
Hyde & Beast – You WIll Be Lonely
Hey Sholay – Wishbone

Listen again HERE

11/05/12 Amazing Radio

Playlist can be found HERE

Listen Again HERE

11/05/12 Beatwolf Radio

Still to be confirmed – Apologies!

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