I’ll be previewing and then live from The Great Escape & have Lower Dens as LP of the week on this weeks shows


It was a heavy weekend of festivals at Zenner Towers this week as I headed over the pennines to Live At Leeds and then headed back home for Sounds From The Other City..  I haven’t written in too much detail, but if you want to listen to a few highlights, check out my tumblr.. http://shellzenner.tumblr.com/


Tuesday 08/05/12 Beatwolf Radio 6-8pm

Coming up on the show A Great Escape festival preview, yes, I’ll be heading back to Brighton, to feel the fierce breeze against my face and the stones underfoot for yet another year. Whether you’re going or not, I’ll enlighten you with some of my picks for this weeks festival during the show..

6-8pm on Beatwolf Radio / http://www.beatwolfradio.com or via iphone / android tunein radio app

11/05/12 Amazing Radio 1-3pm

This week I’ll be broadcasting LIVE from The Great Escape Festival. Sandwiched between the gorgeous Georgie Rodgers and The equally charming Greg Porter.

Expect an update on whats going on at the festival whilst the Amazing Stage is underway, chats with some of the freshest new and emerging acts and a playlist full of artists playing the festival. Also, as I holiday from the North West, even our tipster feature gets a holiday, we’ll be joined by  The Recommender who is based in Brighton who’ll be bringing us one of his tips..

1-3pm on Amazing Radio on DAB / http://www.amazingradio.co.uk or via iphone / android app

11/05/12 Beatwolf Radio 6-8pm

This week there is an assortment of new music from I am Oak, G R E A T W A V E S, Jessie Ware and more.. A friday freebie from Chet Faker and an archive session track by Mount Fabric.

Lower Dens new album ‘Nootropics is this weeks album of the week, it may make me maudlin and melodramatic but its absolutely gorgeous..

6pm on Beatwolf Radio on http://www.beatwolfradio.com or via iphone / android tunein radio app


01/05/12 Beatwolf Radio

Sansa – Waiting For The Sky
Alistair The Optimist – No One
Ben Howard – The Fear

Soko Interview

Soko – First Love Never Die

Soko Interview

Free Swim – Dennis
Andre Williams – You Got It & I Want It (Wigan Casino Crush)
Young British Artists – A New Language (session track)
Pins – Shoot You
Bluebell – Cinderella

Live At Leeds Preview

I Like Trains – Mnemosyne
Citizens! – Girlfriend
Hooded Fang – Tosta Mista
Bastille – Laura Palmer
Ellen & The Escapades – When The Tide Creeps In
Hey Sholay – Wishbone
Novella – Don’t Believe Ayn Rand
Jessie Ware – Running
SCUM – Amber Hands
Pale Seas – Something Or Nothing
Lucy Rose – Middle Of The Bed
Fossil Collective – On & On
Karin Park – Tiger Dreams
Gross Magic – Yesterday’s
Little Victories – Killing Me, Killing You
Weird Dreams – Holding Nails
Fanzine – LA

Listen again HERE and HERE

04/05/12 Amazing Radio

Playlist can be found HERE

Listen Again HERE

04/05/12 Beatwolf Radio

The Jezabels – Rosebud
Visions Of Trees – Turn 2 U
Hot Chip – Flutes
Friends – I’m His Girl
Channel Cairo – A Year Maher
Arctic Monkeys – Black Treacle
Am & Shawn Lee – Different Forces
Boots Electric – I Love You All The Thyme
The Slow Readers Club – Follow Me Down
Am & Shawn Lee – Follow Me Down
SFTOC Interview
The Lovely Eggs – Food
Pandr Eyez – Eyes On You
Sunless 97 – Wicked Gravity
Fear Of Men – Sprint House
The History Of Apple Pie – You’re So Cool
Walls – Gaberdine
Paul Thomas Saunder – Let The Carousel Display You & I
Daniel Land & The Modern Painters – Eyes Wide Shut
Brown Brogues – Don’t Touch My Hair
Ghost Outfit – Tuesday
Bowerbirds – Tuck The Darkness In
Black Angels – The Sniper
Sulk – A Photograph Of You
Sweet Light – Endless Town
Eugene McGuiness – Shotgun

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