Sxsw and beyond..

Its been a roller coaster few weeks, the excitement of SXSW, some time off and the news of a national show! As always, when new things crop up, I have to re-evaluate what I’m spending my time on.. especially with me still working away in a full time job.
So its with sadness that I report I will no longer be on DIY Radio or Seeks Music. Although I’ve only been podcasting with both for a matter of months, I’ve been proud to be associated with them and will continue to support their work in the future.

So from now on, you will still be able to hear me at 9pm on Sundays on Bolton FM – 96.5 or via iPhone app / tune in radio

And from this friday onwards on Amazing Radio – 1-3 pm DAB, and via our android/iphone apps.

So tonight:

It’s light on my standard features due to holiday times, but its stacked full of new music and the album of the week is a corker, ‘Outlands’ by Deep Sea Arcade. Sent especially for me from Australian shores after I fell in love with the guys sound last year..


Whilst the show is still to be finalised (it’s new and everything) expect some cool new sounds of the north west, some stuff that hit me in Texas and whats floating the mancunian boat.. more news soon…

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