Mount Fabric and Kathleen Edwards on this weeks shows..


I’m excited to reveal i’ve been selected as a Sound Women mentee, 1 of just 30 such ladies to be selected nationally! Sound Women and the BBC Academy are working in partnership to provide a mentoring scheme for 30 women currently working in audio. Many of the brightest and best women in the business have already volunteered to become mentors to the 30 mentees and this is an exceptional opportunity to draw on their experience and knowledge. Find out more about Sound Women on


Sunday 04/03/12

Coming up on the show on sunday new music from Premise Beach, Polica, Beat Connection and more..

The Album Of The week is Choreography by Weird Dreams and I’ve a sunday steal from Retriever. Mount Fabric join me for a session and tell me about their forthcoming jaunt to LA to play for Live Nation..

9pm on 96.5 Bolton Fm or or via iphone app / tune in radio


Coming up on mondays show new music from Manna, Nite Jewel, Sweet Light and more..

Also coming up an interview with Kathleen Edwards.  I catch up with Kathleen to talk new album Voyageur, working with Bon Iver and more..

8pm on DIYRadio on



27/02/12 DIY Radio

Bobby Champs – All Night
This Many Boyfriends – Starling
RxGibbs – Futures
Kites – This Jumped Up Boy In Livery
Pond – Moth Wings
Zulu – Cistine Chapel
Caan – Every Little Thing

Justice Interview

Lil Daggers – Stray Chank
MONEY – Who’s Gonna Love You Now
The Louche – Romantic
Mausi – Sol
Sons Of Bido Lito – Clints Trip

To listen to the show again click HERE


26/02/12 Bolton FM Hour 1


Breton – Electrician
Cut Ribbons – Walking On Wires
Neon Indian – Hex Girlfriend
Slow Club – The Dog
Fantasy Rainbow – Cool Ridge
This Many Boyfriends – Starling
Escort Knights – Heartstrings
Inspiral Carpets – Head For The Sun
Breton – Governing Correctly
No Gold – Good & Bad
Errors – Pleasure Palaces
Breton – Interference

To listen to the show again click HERE
26/03/12 Bolton FM Hour 2

The War On Drugs – Best Night
The Amazing – Gentle Stream
Still Flyin’ – Cleat Talking
Access Royale – Hide
Bobby Champs – Moonlight
Seekae – Reset Head
Lambchop – Gone Tomorrow
Saturday Sun – Seagull
Retriever – Happiness Falls
Crocodiles – Sunday (Pyschic Conversation #9)
Outfit – Dashing in Passing
Dead Mellatron – Stranger
Casiokids- Kaskaden

To listen to the show again click HERE

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