So many bands, so little time..

Any of my friends will tell you that Its very rarely that I have a night in, infact, not only am I at gigs multiple times each week, my voice recorder joins me on most festival trips and weekends away, just incase y’know..

I’ve been known to interview bands in an array of random situations over the last three years. A few that stand out for me this year:

Interviewing Young Husband at the end of the bar in The Griffin, whilst the Jesus & Mary Chain sat across from us; Interviewing the Black Angels sat cross legged on the concrete outside the service entrance to the Ruby Lounge, meeting Crystal Stilts on the stationary train-bar at Indietracks and fawning over their vinyl; my Deaf Institute bunk bed interludes with EMA, Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Sissy & The Blisters, watching Twin Shadow re-string his guitar and hold down an interview simultaneously, fun times with Frankie & The Heartstrings whilst they played pool at Salford Lads Club (technically 2010 but aired 2011), quizzing Lee from Viva Brother to see if he really was a total tool whilst he wore a pirate hook for a hand.. 

Mostly though, its not as glamorous as people think, waiting around for hours (i now own a kindle and a fancy phone for that time killing reason) chatting in dark vans, in corridors, or whilst they’re eating their tea.  Looking back, I’ve interviewed over 100 bands/musicians in 2011 and have loved meeting every person.  I love hearing their stories, influences etc and a meeting face to face is so much more personal and interactive than a phoner, so i’ve tried to shy away from them this year.

My biggest ‘whoop whoop’ moment this year was finally meeting the lovely Edwyn Collins and wife Grace at Indietracks festival.  More adorable and hospitable people you could not wish to meet, and a dream come true for me.  I even got to make a visit to the legendary West Heath Yard in December, although master and mistress were not at home, I got to meet the awesome Susan and Seb, check out the latest project from the guys at the home of their new record label.

Amazing music, amazing people!  Here is the list of interviews from 2011.  Here’s to many more in 2012, and from me to you for 2012 Happy New Year!

If you want to listen to any of these shows again, they can all be found on my mix cloud HERE

06/01/11 Sound of Guns

09/01/11 Orphan Boy 

13/01/11 !!!

16/01/11 Little Comets (x3)

20/01/11 Darwin Deez (x2)

23/01/11 12 Dirty Bullets

27/01/11 Black Angels

30/01/11 Silver Columns

03/02/11 James Yuill

06/02/11 Lysergic Suite

10/02/11 The Vaccines

13/02/11 We Are Scientists

17/02/11 Ringo Deathstarr

20/02/11 Salem

24/02/11 Answering Machine

27/02/11 Frankie & The Heartstrings

03/03/11 Trojan Horse

06/03/11 Blind Atlas

10/03/11 Engineers

13/03/11 Paul Smith (Maximo Park)

17/03/11 Sleigh Bells

20/03/11 Twin Shadow

24/03/11 The Rainband

27/03/11 Doyle & The Fourfathers

31/03/11 The Narrows

03/04/11 The Crookes

07/04/11 Eagulls

10/04/11 The Joy Formidable

14/04/11 Danny Mahon

17/04/11 Trophy Wife

21/04/11 Duke Spirit

24/04/11 Brother

28/04/11 Wolf People

01/05/11 May 68

05/05/11 Miles Kane

08/05/11 Dinosaur Pile-up

12/05/11 The Boxer Rebellion

15/05/11 Pigeon Detectives

19/05/11 Crocodiles

22/05/11 Benjamin Francis Leftwich

26/06/11 Vinyl Jacket

29/05/11 Foreign Office

02/06/11 Cloud Control

05/06/11 Kill Van Kulls

09/06/11 Pete & The Pirates

12/06/11 The Dears

16/06/11 The Wave Pictures

19/06/11 The Leisure Society

23/06/11 Fixers

26/06/11 Sarabeth Tucek

30/06/11 Jim Jones Revue

03/07/11 Patterns

07/07/11 Beat Connection

10/07/11 Deep Sea Arcade

14/07/11 Arrows Of Love

17/07/11 Holy Ghost

21/07/11 Cults

24/07/11 Various Cruelties

28/07/11 Battles

31/07/11 Papercuts

04/08/11 Greetings From Beacons Festival preview

07/08/11 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

11/08/11 Breton

14/08/11 Hyde & Beast

18/08/11 Tame Impala

21/08/11 Babeshadow

25/08/11 Edwyn Collins

28/08/11 Crystal Stilts

01/09/11 Beth Jeans Houghton

04/09/11 Janice Graham Band

08/09/11 Factory Floor

11/09/11 Ogenesis Records

15/09/11 Other Lives

18/09/11 Wye Oak

22/09/11 Replicas

02/10/11 Milk Maid

16/10/11 Visions Of Trees

20/10/11 EMA

23/10/11 Howling Bells

27/10/11 Slow Club

30/10/11 Lets Buy Happiness

03/11/11 Teeth

06/11/11 Golden Glow

10/11/11 Constellations Festival preview

13/11/11 Wakey Wakey

17/11/11 Veronica Falls

20/11/11 Spectrals

24/11/11 Underground Railroad

27/11/11 Summer Camp

01/12/11 Outfit

04/12/11 Ghost Outfit

08/12/11 Gardens & Villa

11/12/11 Trophy Wife

15/12/11 Sissy & The Blisters

18/12/11 Swimming

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