Trophy Wife twice in a week..


Twice in a week, and its still not enough right?! The Oxford three piece who play live as a four piece have been a band that got totally under my skin from the first time I heard Microlite.  By the time The Quiet Earth / White Horses hit the shelves I was happy to get in the car and drive to Sheffield to catch them live for the first time..

That seems so long ago now though! They finally have a new EP out, the ‘Bruxism EP’ which boasts tracks produced by a range of different producers including James Yuill and Yannis from Foals. Plus they’ve now played Manchester a handful of times.. I honestly can’t wait to hear the album, which they are heading off to record after their current set of tour dates.  If you want a taster of whats instore, you could do worse but listen to these two tracks, taken off the latest EP.




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