This is Islet

Undoubtedly the ‘show’ of the day yesterday at Constellations festival, which was by the way a bloody ace shindig, was by Islet. Congratulations to all those involved, legendary stuff. Well, apart from the security guard that made me smuggle a pastie, but thats another story.

A band I first got to see at a ramshackle Salford gig a year or so ago, since then they’ve released two EPs In Wimmy and Celebrate This Place.  But their debut album and the band themselves for that matter, have always been elusive.

So It was with great excitement that I read that they’re releasing their debut LP ‘Iluminated People” on Shape (Turnstile) Records. With them on the Bill at Constellations yesterday, they were a must see for me.  The first time I saw them, it was a mental gig, you’d turn around and their was a guitarist behind you in the crowd or someone drumming on a window ledge, you literally didn’t know what to expect next.  Even though constrained to a stage, they still managed to leap out into the crowd and put on the most edgy ‘show’ of the day.

They may not have the mainstream pull of Wild Beasts or The Antlers, but Islet are causing a storm in their own right, this is DIY, this is independent, this is not afraid to break boundaries.

On first listen to their debut I’m massively excited to hear how their creative forces have moulded together, they truly are the essence of free abandon and I LOVE it.

An oldie but a goodie..

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