Music is my radar..

Two days ago I was sat at work listening incessantly to the news on the radio, clicking and unclicking the maximise button on my BBC News internet explorer window with a face aghast at the rioting and looting that was happening in London. By the time I was home from work, I was glued to BBC News 24 watching footage of looting in Hackney, horrific fires in Croydon and those scenes in Clapham.. I was so incensed I ended up staying up til gone 2am reading tweets and watching the news horrified.  Just before I went to bed I saw a Sainsburys Depot on fire on the news and a tweet mentioning the Sony Distribution Centre in Enfield going up in flames and I just thought no.. they wouldn’t stoop that low would they?

I awoke in the morning to realise my fears, yes the Play It Again Sam (PIAS) Distribution centre was torched. 165 independent labels have lost pretty much all of their stock, in addition to film and game stock. The thought of my beloved vinyl going up in smoke breaks my heart.. To give you an idea of the scale of the loss, Beggars Group alone lost 750,000 CDs to the fire.

While emergency contingency plans are being put in place and a temporary partner is put in place, a huge amount of stock from some of the world’s most revered independent labels disappeared with the flames. While cost price of the stock is covered by insurance, any profit that would have been made by the label is gone. In the meantime, they need some support, they need our support.

There are a few things you can do, that I have already done (no point just talking a good game!)..

  1. Go to your nearest independent record shop and buy releases from any of the below labels and artists while stocks last. Its not just the artists and labels affected, the stores are too..
  2. Peruse the extensive list I’ll link below that was lovingly put together by  @nialler9 (on twitter) it took hours not suprisingly. To be honest it’s the least we can do to make the labels more £ to make more hard stock.  Follow the links to purchase albums from the labels digitally. If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #labellove to indicate what you’ve bought.
  3. Visit the Label Love website and donate.
  4. Stay tuned for Sean from Drowned In Sound’s comprehensive list of labels affected. He’s hoping some hackers can turn it into something amazing.
Just so you know I’ve invested in:
1.  The Psychadelic Sounds of Sonic Cathedral – on Sonic Cathedral
2.  The Submarine EP – Alex Turner – on Domino Records
3.  Dutch Uncles – Cadenza LP – on Memphis Industries
4.  Bon Iver – Bon Iver – on 4AD
5.  Gardens & Villa – Gardens & Villa on Secretly Canadian
So off you go, digital or hard copy, skint or not skint, spend what you can afford and keep our innovative independent music scene alive and well…
Check the labels and releases HERE

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