Inbetweeners #2

Hello!  I’ve taken a bit of a break of late, its the summer.. a chance to roll up my sleeves, dust off my sunhat and hunker down to the odd BBQ or festival if i get the chance..

So i’m going to offer up a short sharp shock of bands..

I’m a big fan of Manchesters Milk Maid who recently released their debut album Yucca on the Fat Cat label. still has this beauty online, full of scuzzy wonderment HERE

No post this month would be complete without this video.  This song astounds me in the same way as Foals last album did. Mid tempo, engrossing and the type of thing that just grows and grows on you until its embedded within your soul. I adore Skyingalmost a touch more than Primary Colours and The Horrors deserve all the success in the world on that basis.  This video suits the sound perfectly:


If you’re under 18 you’d best not even try to check this next video.  I could say a lot of things about Wu Lyf.   All I will say is that interviewing bands can be really easy or hard depending on the personalities that you are dealing with and I can only commiserate with Huw Stephens over his interview/session with these guys. If they’re not already infamous for the wrong reasons, this certainly won’t help. Surely you should just let the music do the talking? If so..


You could say I have a slight Tom Vek obsession #veksession #doubletrouble


Before the hipsters get too bored, i’m going to throw some Vondelpark into the mix..


I love the waterfall video from Get People and I reckon they’ve got that edgy sound that should get a few factions a little overexcited..


Pala is definitely one of my albums of the year and is a really natural progression for Friendly Fires.. 


A band and song that you must get in your life… Crystal Stilts with Shake The Shackles


The retro vibes are my favourite vibes and Those Darlins fit the bill perfectly:


Parlez vous français? Oui Bandana Splits..


Best buds with Cults and partial to a disney T shirt or two.. Introducing Dom –


You know when you get really excited about a band? and then get doubly excited cos they’re Brits? Welcome Man Without Country:


I was already planning to blog about Nathaniel Rateliff before he played an apparently gorgeous set in support of Caitlin Rose in Manchester the other day..


The instantly recognisable voice of Joan Is Policewoman souls out on new single Chemmie

This final vid is for Micky Gray, new substance from the Gallagher brothers has landed.  This time in the form of Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds.. The Death of you and me. I love a bit of brass..


AND.. I’m also MEGA excited for this collaboration between Dum Dum Girls and Tamaryn. It’s gonna rock, check the deets on PITCHFORK

Laters pop pickers..

1 thought on “Inbetweeners #2

  1. lilmissmosher

    that wu lyf vid is rather apt given subsequent events ,eh!

    and does tom vek have anyone other than models in his vids? i want a smoke now haha!!the gallagher vid is the best one by a mile!


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