Glastonbury Festival 2011

It’s not normally my way to blog about something that happened as recently as two days ago when I’m a few weeks behind with my blogging. But during the last few festival blogs that I’ve written, I have struggled to recollect the fun and passion experienced at the festival, so for this reason – before it leaves my consciousness I’m tackling this years Glastonbury Festival in this very post!

If you think I’m jumping on the Glastonbury bandwagon, would it surprise you to know this was my 7th? I’ve been every year it has been on since 2004 and I adore the place, not just for the music but its artwork, personality and general spirit! Thats the side of Glastonbury thats really hard to get across to people, the thought and effort by so many people that goes into the festival is mindblowing, just look at this fish sculpture I snapped in the Greenpeace space..

I didn’t get to see as much of the site this year as I’d have liked due to the adverse weather conditions, these legs certainly aren’t as young as they once were! There were also lots of compromises to be made over who to see when the bands finally did start.  Bands I had seen recently or before were certainly bands I was willing to miss, and then there was the geography of the site and THAT mud..


 Grouplove  – Summercamp – Emmy The Great – Miles Kane – Fenech-Soler – Tom Robinson – Radiohead – Mumford & Sons – Primal Scream

The day kicked off with an absolute blast.. Grouplove at The Park.. the day itself didn’t progress as I’d hoped with almost failed attempts to see secret sets by The Coral and Radiohead, as it turned out the sound was at fault for Radiohead which led to me leaving The Park and being made to folk out with Mumford & Sons which wasn’t really at the top of my priority list.  It wasn’t all bad though, I enjoyed the sweet sultry tones of Summercamp, got to see Emmy The Great play a Pixies song with Tim Wheeler from Ash.  In addition, I was excited to see Fenech-Soler’s return to the stage after Bens testicular cancer scare as well as seeing the legend that is Tom Robinson playing ‘Glad to be gay’ and ‘2 4 6 8 Motorway’ to make up for The Coral getting stuck in the mud and missing their secret slot.


Stornoway – Tame Impala – Yuck – Vinyl Jacket – Anna Calvi – Warpaint – Tame Impala – Pulp – James Blake – Wild Beasts

After storming home (well to my tent in a bit of a paddy after the debacle that was Radiohead, I decided to come back fighting with a 13 hour day on my feet watching bands, which probably wasn’t the best idea in hindsight! The day kicked off with me delivering The Narrows dirty pamphlets to the Other Stage’s info point, before heading round to visit the Pyramid stage for the first time of the year to check out Stornoway, they weren’t the main reason for me camping out at the Pyramid though, that would be Tame’s been a long time coming after being in NYC when they played Manchester in October ’10, but I finally got to see them play live, twice. To be truthful, I enjoyed a Tame Impala and Warpaint sandwich and it tasted soo good! Realistically the two bands I saw as essential to my festival..

There were so many highlights on saturday, but Pulp blew out the cobwebs and were by far the stand out act of the day.  It wasn’t a gig, it was a show. Jarvis silencing any Jarvis chants with “We are Pulp“. Do you think I got close enough?


Foster The People – Two Wounded Birds – The Joy Formidable – Laura Marling – Paul Simon – TV On The Radio – Hercules & Love Affair – Beyonce

You could never say my tastes are predictable from sundays line up eh?!  I couldn’t resist sneaking another view of Foster The People! The Joy Formidable go from strength to strength with yet another rip roaring packed out show.  TV On The Radio scared me with a Ghostbusters cover and whilst Beyonce was out of this world, for pure enjoyment Hercules & Love Affair stole the show, it was like scissor sisters on acid.  I would never envisaged that show from the music that I had heard previously though. Amazing.

So whilst I didn’t see some of the big hitters that people expected me to see – like Elbow, The Vaccines, Hurts, Kaiser Chiefs etc to put it into perspective, I first saw The Vaccines supporting The Walkmen in St Phillips Church in Salford 9 months ago, and if it wasn’t obvious enough, I’m mainly about the new music, as you will know.

God love you Glastonbury. Love the farm, leave no trace..

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