The Great Escape 2011..

As I get a few years older I’m tending to prefer festivals that allow me to stay indoors overnight, I’m thinking ATP, In The City, Soundcity and probably the best of them all? Brightons Great Escape festival.  There is nothing like a beach (albeit pebbly), sun streaming down and standing on the edge of an outdoor venue watching a fantastic new band blast your ears off!

Brighton has the perfect array of venues spread over the city and other than unbelievable queues this year (where the hell did they come from?!) it was amazing as usual.  I kicked off this years festival by interviewing Fixers which was a short sharp kick back into work mode, but don’t worry, it wasn’t all work, work, work!  Do I need any other reason the post Fixers though? Not really..


It’s gonna be pretty epic explaining who I saw and who I missed and for what reasons.. so In a simplistic way, i’ll just post my day lists and drop a few vids in of my faves, yeah?


Two Wounded Birds – Cloud Control – Foster The People – Trophy Wife – Cults – Sissy & The Blisters

I was totally gutted I missed Warpaint, the queues were absolutely ridiculous and led to me missing Dutch Uncles and all but one song of Sissy & The Blisters. MARE. But my picks from the day, mainly as It was the first time i’d managed to see them live:

Two Wounded Birds

Foster The People



Christian Aids – Team Me – Vision Of Trees – Friendly Fires

My friday line up looks a bit sick and thats mainly due to three reasons, I spent my morning chasing around brighton after Beat Connection as i’d arranged an interview with them and secondly because I got caught up in the park watching Deep Sea Arcade do an acoustic session before I got my chance to interview them.  For this reason my mates went to see Yaaks and I didn’t.. I’m sure this pained me more than anyone else.  So to make up for it, I ended up turning up to a  hairdressers called ‘Hair Cult’ to briefly say hello to the band, awkward much?! Um.  I had intended to go to the Moshi Moshi party at The Haunt, close by to where I was staying but a power nap turned into an all nighter (sleep – reason three), sometimes a girl needs some beauty sleep yeah? Apparently my mates were almost gassed out and could barely see their hand infront of their face when watching Trophy Wife, so I guess I inadvertently made the right decision?!

Highlights of the day were certainly:

Christian Aids

Friendly Fires


Polarsets – Deep Sea Arcade – Fionn Regan – EMA – Frankie & The Heartstrings (1) – Braids – Sound Of Arrows – Beat Connection – Frankie & The Heartstrings (2)

That looks a bit more like it right?! I kicked off my day with a bit of North East Invasion and it pretty much continued through the day.  I had intended to interview EMA and Braids but by this point I was genuinely sick of missing seeing bands so just gave it up! Polarsets and Deep Sea Arcade blew me away, but I’ve blogged about both previously so my highlights for the day were definitely Braids and Frankie & The Heartstrings who (coincidentally) blew everyone else off stage (twice) in one day! Infact Frankie blew himself off stage on both occasions, hanging off a speaker on the Yard show and the bar at Hectors House later on! We salute you Sunderland!


Frankie & The Heartstrings

The only crime of the festival? Getting Arrows Of Love and Sound Of Arrows mixed up.. Don’t EVER do that, I swear. My eyes and ears have been subjected to things they never want to be ever again..

See you next year B-RIGHT-ON, oh and work on the queues.. they were rubbash.

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