Dinosaurs, knives and wives..

It’s not very often you see a man dressed as a Dinosaur at a gig.. but that was the sight that awaited me at Sound Control when I went to see Dinosaur Pile Up. This dude was fortunately hanging out in the audience so probably got less strange looks than he truthfully deserved.. especially wearing shades at the same time.. INDOORS.

I got to meet up with the bouncy yorkshiremen earlier in the night to talk about their debut album ‘Growing Pains’, Early Foo Fighter comparisons, latest single My Rock N Roll, driving across the Pennines and more.. Interview airing in a few weeks! Lets just say they were exceptionally bubbly, and the swear edit is going to take some time.. 😉

It was a really early finish for a gig, must have been a 14+ which worked in my favour to allow me to hotfoot it over to Islington Mill to catch the end of Mirrors, who looked a bit Hurts-like all suited and booted.. The night was topped off by seeing Fujiya & Miyagi who I’ve loved since first hearing taiwanese roots.. they asbolutely rocked and I spent the night singing about knickerbocker glories..


Deadbeat Echoes are a band I’ve been expecting great things from for a while, they are raw, energetic and full on indie.. the kind of band that sneers at the hipsters and just makes kick ass rock n roll music. I finally got to catch up with them and see them live after raving about them for months at John Robb’s first live Louder Than War night where they got to support Johns own cool band The Membranes.  They also got a namecheck in John’s Louder Than War  ‘bands for 2011’ list.. well deserved in my view and this shows why..


The very same night, I hotfooted it to Withington to catch Weird Era play yet another storming set of their shoegazey indie.. if you haven’t heard them yet, you may want to check out their latest release on Duck Tapes

No matter where or when I go out at the moment, i seem to bump into or see on the bill local band With That Knife.  They describe themselves as ” Loud. Quiet.Tricky.Easy. Start. Stop. Shout. Sing” and who am i to disagree?  Grab yourself a free download of This Place, A Thousand Times HERE and have a listen for yourself..

Lead singer Owen Barratt also has a new solo release out named the Nights EP, it’s in a totally different vein but stunning nonetheless..


On this occassion they were the opener of a stellar line up featuring local band Money, who I expect to do big things with their intense sound when they finally settle with a label and the same NAME for more than five minutes! These incessant name changes Youth/Books/Meke Menete mean its quite hard to dig out their music on the internet, but luckily for you guys I know that Dummy Mag did an interview with the band that links a few of their videos too.. its well worth the read and theres a free download on there from the band..


This was probably the most solid line up at a gig in Manchester for months in my view, as the fantastic Money were only a support! The headliner Trophy Wife were playing their first official Manchester gig at the Night & Day and its been so long a wait for this gig that I actually gave in and roadtripped to Sheffield to see them a month earlier supporting Esben & The Witch.. which was well worth the trip! I love Kit (the drummers) eclectic set up and energy on stage.  Like Veronica Falls , Trophy Wife are a band that just can’t make music fast enough to satisfy me.. and on the basis of what I’ve heard from them so far, their debut album is going to be a blinder..

In the meantime you can do two things, listen in to my interview with them:

or obsess over their latest single:


Talking of obsessions, in 2009 I fell in love.. NO, not with a blue eyed, cheeky grinned northener.. but with The Boxer Rebellion. Their second album Union was released and the lovely folks at Itunes put ‘Evacuate’ up as the single of the week for free download, which I gladly did before swiftly downloading second album Union and debut album Exits, prior to trying to track down the cds too…

They are a band that have been through trials and tribulations with record labels, misfortune and frankly just bad luck with the Charts failing to recognise the sales of Union due to their lack of a physical cd to release.. but through basic word of mouth, an exclusive deal with HMV and a starring part in the Drew Barrymore film ‘Going The Distance’ their luck has seemingly changed.. To build on this they’ve released their third album ‘The Cold Still’ produced by Ethan Johns and recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios.  Its a more mellow affair than Union and stunning in every way.. The emotion in Nathans voice just gets me every time..

Last month, i finally got to see them tour this record at The Ruby Lounge and it blew me away. Having watched their progress for a couple of years now and seeing the crowds step up more each time is an absolute honour, so if you haven’t yet looked into The Boxer Rebellion, don’t put it off any longer..

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