Falling & Laughing… Part 3

A girls work truly isn’t done, especially when shes writing for other folks as well as herself 😉

I’m now writing for the fab Vinyl District – The official blog of Recordstore Day 2011 so keep your eyes peeled for all the special goodies due for release as part of Recordstore Day! My first blog is HERE

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Where to start? There could only be one place and one band, Sound Control for The Duke Spirit.  I was lucky enough to catch up with Lead singer Leila at the Cornerhouse for a classy cappuccino for a chat about their new Kusama EP, forthcoming album Bruiser, the changes to their line up and their latest UK tour. Having been a fan of the band for a number of years, it was lush to finally meet Leila and to get to know what makes her tick! One things for sure though, everybody’s under their spell..


The gig was blinding and I for one can’t wait to hear what Bruiser has to offer, bring it on Leila and the boys! Unfortunately for me the day job struck, and I was on a course in the midlands from 9am the next day so my night end abruptly with a road trip to my folks in Leicestershire, followed by a full on course day and a trip back to Manchester via the wilds of Stoke-on-trent to interview a band I was really intrigued to learn the truth about.  Brother have been plastered all over NME with their lad stories and quotes of bring back guitar music, saving rock n roll yadda yadda.. but is it just overblown hype and nonsense?

Well the truth of the matter is that I’d detested them ever since seeing a lad-esque britpop video of them which consisted mainly of three birds in a bubble bath, two with their knockers out for good measure.  This really angered me.. I’m no feminist but it was as if they were trying to say women don’t listen to or like good music, so lets just sell it to the blokes eh? So I went into this interview with a fistful of questions but the main one I wanted answered was about this video.. Lee admitted they hated that video and that they had tried to take it down to no avail.  Whether you truly love or hate the music, Lee sat there with a pirates hook for a hand, was very polite and was quite honest and yes, self confident about what he thinks of the ‘big rock songs’ that form the best part of his debut album.

It does seem a bit cliche to me, but for the music fans that have been looking forward to another band with the attitude of Oasis, Brother could be your band..even selling their own button down shirts on their merch stand.  But whatever you think of Brother, the legend that is Stephen Street produced this album, which really speaks for itself.


Probably the best video I’ve seen all year! Frankie & The Heartstrings, a fake Blue Peter presenter, a wacky silver foil robot and two rampant rabbits.. I managed to catch the guys again recently which is always a great night, with their playful banter and energetic performance, they are a must see.  Really sad to hear the news today that due to some visa cock up by the powers that be that they won’t be attending SXSW. Sad loss to the music industry hanging out in Texas this week. You can listen to me interview them on the show here:

My next outing was to catch up with a band that through one thing or another (being in NYC, not knowing they were the support band etc etc) I had missed for the past year, they are Crocodiles, lead singer Brandon is married to Dee Dee (Dum Dum Girls) and they are the sort of shoegaze garage band that completely hits the spot with me.  This time they were playing in support of White Lies at Academy 1 which wasn’t the intimate gig introduction I was hoping for , but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.. Brandon and Chuck were absolutely lovely and a bit wrong at the same time (in a funny way) happy to be exposing themselves to thousands of young children and this isn’t when Chuck is jogging naked?! Don’t ask.. wait for the interview!

Sleep Forever was one of my favourite albums of 2010  and was created by the band and James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco) over a period of ten days in Joshua Tree, California.  Is it as special as it sounds? Yes, in my view… listen and love:


Progressive Rock music is not something the trendy bloggers have written about in recent years, but maybe the tide is turning at last?  Two bands in particular have brought this genre back into my earshot of late.. southerners Wolf People and Salford’s own Trojan Horse. I caught up with Wolf People recently to talk their love of Dungen, making albums on a diet of smelly cheese and Port, not being able to replicate parts of their debut album ‘Steeple’ live and having to listen to Jethro Tull after all the flute comments about Tiny Circle… I tell you what though, I’ve never seen a crowd so quiet and respectful as the crowd were at their gig and it was mind blowing stuff, absolutely spot on and they’re great guys.. so make sure you keep your eyes and ears well and truly peeled as classic rock is back with a bang..

Local band Trojan Horse have taken 3.5 years to make their debut album, taking around 3 months to write each song on average.. labour of love? You betcha! Named Trojan Horse generally as it is multi-layered and faceted, ta-da.. just like their songs ;).  It was ace for Lozz and Nick to join me in the studio to talk about the local bands they’re digging, random song titles, vomiting better riffs than others can write and the reasons why their album is only £2, the biggest bargain of the year in my view.. GO BUY! You can listen to them chat to me on the show here:

A week before I got to chat to Trojan Horse, local indie-pop stalwarts The Answering Machine joined me in the studio to talk about their second album ‘Lifeline’ that was out that week.  I’d never met Martin and Pat of the band, before despite playing a number of tracks off their debut album ‘Another City, Another Sorry’ and it was a pleasure to get to know them and I was over the moon to hear that Huw Stephens had them on his Radio 1 show last week too, great taste Huw but you were a bit slow 😉


Miles Kane is the lesser known half of the Last Shadow Puppets alongside Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and is also well known in his own right for being in The Rascals and The Little Flames.  I have been a big fan of his material for years and singles like ‘Inhaler’ and ‘Come Closer’ have really wet my appetite for his debut album ‘Colour Of The Trap’, plus he called me darling…wowowow ooooooo


I think the stunning Blind Atlas session deserves to heard in full, its that stunning:

But in the meantime a few more sounds that have been floating my boat..





Kill Van Kulls:


Arctic Monkeys:


Saint Saviour:


The Louche FC:


Little Barrie:


Deep Sea Arcade:


Doyle & The Fourfathers:


Sissy & The Blisters:



Enjoy..until next time music lovers!

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