Falling & Laughing.. part 1

Well I’m back, falling and laughing? Why that title?.. well it just seems quite apt. It makes me think of one step back, one step forward and generally triumph over adversity in the long term, just like Edwyn Collins.  I got his wife Grace’s book from my lovely friend Zozo for my birthday at the beginning of the month and have devoured all but 50 pages.. in truth i’m dragging it out as I don’t want it to be over.  It’s just one of those true life stories that properly just gets you and makes you feel very humble about how lucky you are.

For reasons set out in the book and for Michael from Frankie & The Heartstrings comparing Edwyns son Will to that kid out of About A Boy.. Respect to this:

Where to start with January  and a bit of february?! It’s been a whirlwind to be honest..

Early in the month I got to be treated like a queen and photographed by the lovely Mel of Mudkiss as well as being interviewed for the January edition of Mudkiss. It was lovely to be able to get all glammed for a change as I generally feel like a bit of a rubbish girl at the best of times due to running around for gigs/interviews/radio!

Mel came to see me at my house and she took some photos of me in a few rooms at home. Other than the hat, feathery collar and furry stole all the clothes, interior and styling is pretty much just me, but Mel made it all gel amazingly.  So thanks Mel for being so lovely and making me feel so special.. You can read the full interview and see more of Mel’s amazing photos HERE.

We got on so well that Mel has asked me to start doing a monthly ‘Hotspot’ for her, so to read about my favourite gig of the past month, the gig I’m most looking forward to this month and what I’m listening to in LP and single formats.. You can check out my posts  HERE

In addition to this I’ve been asked by the legendary John Robb (who also writes for Chimp Magazine) to write for his Louder Than War website about new bands, I’ve thrown myself headlong into this writing two blogs in six weeks detailing 60 new bands you should check out, and will be writing monthly from here on in.. Why don’t you have a read like apparently an obscene amount of people already have 😉

Louder Than War Top 50 New Bands

Louder Than War Top 10 New Bands February

Mid month in January I headed into SSR Studios to record Februarys SSR Salford Session with the help of fantastic Leicester band The Lysergic Suite.  They played a stripped down session, which was less intense than their usual fayre, but just as good.  The session comprised songs Behind The Walls, Jasmine and Ghosts On Crusade and aired in full on the 6th February and you can listen again HERE if you missed it.

They played a blinding gig at Gullivers that night featuring a show stopping  light show alongside their dark and intense guitar sound. If you get a chance to go see them live soon don’t miss it as these guys will be stepping upto much larger venues once their debut album is released.

My next gig outing was to see Sleigh Bells, buzz band? Yes, Punk band? Maybe, Live band? No!

Whilst I loved all the energy and pzzazz that Derek and Alexis usher on stage, they are well known for their backing track usage, infact a friend of mine who has dealt with their sound previously told me its all on an Ipod an element I questioned them on during our interview and which they admitted to.   The sold out crowd walked into a four by four stack of Marshall amps all topped by matching cabs, it was quite a sight to behold and yet, whilst the live show was energetic, sometimes you just want to see the band recreate the music competently and know its not just computer manipulation.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and McrScenewipe quite rightly aired their displeasure in their gig review

My next gig outing was almost the polar opposite, I got to hang out with those Geordie Scamps Little Comets again, why do I always call them Geordie Scamps? Well they demonstrated that quite aptly by getting some tour hi jinx payback on their tour support Big Sleep by removing one of their car tyres and referring to three wheelers throughout their set.  It certainly made for much merriment, and their live washing line that I have (excuse the pun) banged on about so many times, was extended to incorporate a pizza baking tray.. the mind truly does boggle and you really do need to expect the unexpected with Little Comets..

In Search Of Elusive Little Comets is out now. GO BUY!

Up next my January gig of the month, Slow has had me in a spin for months and I was honoured to finally get to see Twin Shadow play songs off his new album ‘Forget’ it was produced by Chris from Grizzly Bear who stopped George from scrapping all his songs and made him keep them just the way they were. He said he had been waiting to play Manchester for 11 years.. well George, it was well worth the wait!

There is just way too much to write in one night.. so keep your eyes peeled for a second installment in the coming days!

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