The Sandbox Ball, Man Alive Ensemble and Bowlie..

Its been a long few months of gig revelry and work, but it was really great to have some ‘special events’ to look forward to..

First up All Tomorrows Parties Festival! My memories will not be as comprehensive as I would have liked due to the vast amounts of gin, wine and vodka that were drank and smuggled throughout the weekend.  The ‘gin smuggler’ of the year award goes to Holly A though, for all round impressive skills at such a tender age.. (read more of Holly’s exploits HERE)

Bowlie 2 curated by the legendary Belle And Sebastian kicked off in fine style with a broken down car and a twitter search for someone who had spare space in their car.. thanks to Aaron and Madeline for being total saviours and making sure we got there in one piece!

Last years ATP was a one day round trip from Manchester to Somerset with the added Foxgate debacle on the M56 thrown in for good measure.. theres nothing like a daytrip to see My Bloody Valentine and the Pains of Being Pure At Heart resulting in an accident costing me £150 excess and a broken car…

Fortunately the broken car ruled out a repeat of foxgate, so we proceeded  onto the ‘Chalet of Dreams’ (Tm).. with the gin shelf..

What makes ATP different to other festivals? It’s indoor, there’s no camping and the clientele is a little more ‘mature’.. or maybe the eclectic and cool music taste of the organisers?! Just looksy at the line up we were treated to:

We were treated some absolute classic musical acts but for me, the highlight was Edwyn Collins who was joined on stage by members of Teenage Fan Club, The Cribs and Franz Ferdinand.  It was such a joyous occasion to see Edwyn in such good spirits playing tune after tune off his ace new album Losing Sleep.. This is ‘Do It Again’ taken off the album and video’d at ATP!

Bloody amazing! I only got to listen to the album fully in the last couple of weeks and it really should have been in my top 50 albums of the year, so if you haven’t heard it. Make sure you do!  I was fortunate enough to bump into Edwyn and Grace after the gig and couldn’t stop myself telling Edwyn how ace he was! Hoping to get together with him soon for a proper interview, cross fingers..

As for the rest, Foals were out of this world as expected, It was a nice treat to see them again as Glastonbury seems so long ago now.. Other highlights were Field Music, Frightened Rabbit, Saint Etienne, Dirty Projectors, Teenage Fanclub, The Vaselines and Wild Beasts.  Best Coast were disappointing live and considering The Go! Team and Bethany Best Coast have a new single together and both were in the same place at the same time, neither played it…

The day I returned from ATP I was treated to one of the gigs of the year! I have an interview with Everything Everything airing on thursdays show from their last gig at the Deaf Institute, but a couple of weeks back I got to see them playing live at The Royal Northern College of Music with a 13 piece orchestra, known as the ‘Man Alive Ensemble’, it was breathtaking, touching and exhilarating all at the same time.  They are certainly a band that divides opinion due to their avant-garde sound, this is their forthcoming single Photoshop Handsome and the trumpets kicking in makes me smile the biggest grin!!

I was fortunate to get to see the stunning Porcelain Raft again in support and If you haven’t heard Tip of Your Tongue you really should have..amazing what just one person can create, the one man band is back for sure.. just look at Chad Valley..

I also got to see James Blake play live for the first time and I was pleasantly suprised, he certainly lived up to the hype of the BBC’s sound of 2011 poll.  I preferred his voice without the distortion personally, but his disjointed ambience was a pleasure to behold.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for his debut album due out shortly.

The next outing on my list was marred by snow, but it didn’t stop the cream of Salford attending the newly revamped Islington Mill for the Sandbox Christmas Ball to celebrate the release of new single ‘Piccadilly and I’. It’s not up on Itunes yet due to some problem or another but keep your eyes peeled as its one of the most haunting songs I’ve heard all year, and Lennie’s searing vocals are so so special..
I had the pleasure of spinning a few tunes during the night, and was proud to do so for one of Salfords brightest talents.. Cannot wait for the album, but in the meantime, learn a bit about the band here..

2010 has been a fantastic year for local based bands with Dutch Uncles, May 68, Suzuki/Method, Hans Island, Delphic, Egyptian Hiphop, Young British Artists, The Heartbreaks, Orphan Boy, and Everything Everything making waves nationally.. but I believe there is so much more to come.. both from newer bands and older bands..

so keep your eyes peeled for these guys in 2011


Their New Noise EP is out now on Pull Yourself Together Records, I got the exclusive play of this track, which was also played by Xfm’s John Kennedy and others..

Brown Brogues

You can get their beech walk ep now…

Run Toto Run

This is their forthcoming single, which I had the exclusive radio play of and its storming up the Hype Machine charts!

Blind Atlas

Yet another forthcoming single, tis a bluesy stomper from the americana collective..

Janice Graham Band

The Suns

Danny Mahon

Milk Maid

Daniel Land & The Modern Painters

I’m feeling brain dead so may add more acts that I’ve forgotten as I go..

Oh and as for older acts?


New material!

Bring on 2011! Oh and for those of you that still don’t have plans for NYE.. I’ll be here spinning a few tunes and listening to the band who produced by favourite EP of 2010!:

1 thought on “The Sandbox Ball, Man Alive Ensemble and Bowlie..

  1. lilmissmosher

    another cracking read/view/listen!

    Really cant wait for 2011 now, it holds so much promise new music- and gig-wise 🙂 x


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